Custom Embroidered Bandanas

Vibrant Stitch Quality Captures Every Detail

With over two decades of experience developing expertise in embroidery, we have developed a process for brands to express themselves using apparel and accessory items such as embroidered bandanas.

Bandanas are a very wearable accessory, and there are countless ways for brands to showcase their logo and design with custom embroidery.

Embroidered bandanas are a crowd favorite across industries including distilleries, craft breweries, retail apparel brands, athletic and fitness brands, outdoor and lifestyle brands, real estate firms, insurance companies, tech companies, and marketing agencies.

Ways to Use Embroidered Bandanas

There are so many great ways a brand can leverage embroidered bandanas — the more creative, the better! They’re super portable, lightweight, easy to store, and cost-effective ship. The opportunities are endless.

Here are some ideas on different ways you can use embroidered bandanas that have a favorable return to the business:

  • Promote a new product or service internally and externally
  • Sales meeting leave behind
  • Company events
  • Employee swag
  • Merch shop inventory
  • Giveaway items during a marketing campaign or a trade show incentive
How to Make a Custom Bandana

First, we need to understand a bit about your brand's ethos and your goals. Similar to other custom promotional products we produce, a custom embroidered bandana is made after understanding what the intended end use of the bandana will be.

Once we get to know more about your company, the brand’s values and personality, and details about the target audience in order to guide the art direction for a custom design.

You may also provide any creativity you already have in order to get the artwork on a custom banana using the embroidery method. We can also take your design concept further with the help of our creative team.

Usually, bandanas come in a standard size of 22-inch (55.8 cm) by 22-inch (55.8 cm) cotton fabric, but we also have the ability to cut & sew the fabric into any size if you want to try something bigger or smaller than the conventional size.

Fabric & Finishes

For most embroidered bandana designs, we recommend a simple embroidered pattern for the move visually pleasing result.

There are a handful of different cotton blend options available as well as other fabric types that work well cut into a bandana and that can hold an embroidered design.

The embroidery threads we use, produce highly visible and color-rich designs that are soft to the touch, intricately crafted to detail, and are durable throughout wear and tear.

We have the ability to precisely color match the threads we use so there aren’t any inconsistencies to how your brand color palette is displayed on the embroidered bandana.

Let's Create Something Together

Are You Ready to Start a Custom Bandana Project?

Please a branding expert to learn more about:

  1. Your delivery deadline or event date
  2. Your budget
  3. Details related to your design
  4. Specifics related to your target audience and goals
Frequently Asked Questions

    Typically our minimum orders start at 72 pieces. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    Our typical turnaround time is approximately 10-14 days depending on the specifics of your project.

  • What is the standard embroiderable area on bandanas?

    Standard embroidery size is 16x16”

  • Do you offer finishing services?

    We offer several finishing services to include the following.

    Woven Tag sourcing, Woven tag sewing, Hang Tag sourcing, Hangtag application, Individual folding, and poly bagging.

  • Do you offer Fulfillment Services?

    We can accommodate fulfillment services. If you have a request for fulfillment please reach out to our team and provide all details for your request. We will determine the best approach based on your specific needs for your project.