Financial Services

Industry Overview

Branding for Financial Services

When you build a brand around a product, the process is relatively straightforward. Branding for services is much more challenging, which is why brand identity in the finance sector can be so challenging. Offering a financial service means attracting specific audiences and creating a brand experience that will see them return again and again. From asset management and creating a brand identity to building brands from scratch, financial service providers need to ensure that they are the first brand that comes to mind when a consumer needs you. At Anthem Branding, we provide financial services branding wherever you sit in the finance sector.

Industry Challenge

Challenges of Branding for Financial Services

The finance sector has some very clear challenges when it comes to branding. More companies than ever are entering the field thanks to mass digitization of services, and building a brand in the right way means being able to stand out from that influx of new players. The lack of consumer trust, the reliance on automation, and the seemingly intangible offering that financial services rely on all add to a challenge for financial services branding agencies. At Anthem Branding, we have helped hundreds of finance companies, from banks and accountants to insurance firms and investors, building brand identity and ensuring that the consumer/brand experience is flawless.

Industry Solutions

Asset Management

Financial services will require a variety of different branding assets. These will range from full rebranding to minor changes and will involve logos, color schemes, slogans, and devising a brand identity. Those assets have to be consistent, which means there will need to be alignment throughout your online and offline presence. Physical premises will need to have your branding highly visible to create a more seamless shift from the website to the brick and mortar outlet. At Anthem Branding, we provide your company with promotional products that will enhance the consumer experience. Managing brand assets can be very complex, which is why so many companies in the finance sector are using a financial services branding company. When branding is so critical for finance-based businesses, one wrong step with brand identity could have long-term negative effects on consumer retention.

If you’re not sure just how to build brand identity or how to market your financial services to customers, you need brand experts. Contact Anthem Branding today to find out why we are the financial services branding company that will help your business to grow.

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