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Branded Personalized Tumbler

In the world of drinkware, more brands are leveraging high-quality, high-performance custom tumblers to get their name out there. These functional and useable promotional products are a top pick for brand merchandise buyers, marketers, and HR leaders, seeking to build out the company’s promo line-up and brand awareness, and it’s with good reason.

Couple the popularity of custom tumblers with data from the drinkware market that indicates by 2025 it will exceed 35 billion, in large part due to the sheer variety of custom tumblers that can be chosen from — fitting into many different consumer lifestyles and preferences.

It’s this variety of shape, style, size, and countless branding opportunities that help the company’s promotional product budget go further as they can reach different segments of their audience with personalized tumblers.

When a custom tumbler project is made with a clear goal in mind, incorporating the nuances of your target audience, and pulls in hints of your brand’s distinctive personality, promotional tumblers leave only the best taste in your consumer’s mouth.

Personalized tumblers can be an integral part of your company’s promotional product strategy as they’re affordable and portable items that help to build awareness everywhere they are brought, upping the number of impressions of your brand to potential buyers.

Why Personalized Tumblers?

Top 4 Benefits of Personalized Tumblers

We’ve worked with clients on many different kinds of custom tumbler projects designed around their specific needs, objectives, goals, and budget; yet, over the years, we’ve found that there are four main benefits of personalized tumblers:

1. Durable
2. Cost-effective
3. Versatile
4. Highly customizable

Types of Custom Tumblers

Personalized tumblers make for hold steady in a promotional product inventory because they can be used to store hot and cold beverages such as coffee, tea, beer, and both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

This gives ample opportunity for brands to use personalized tumblers at company events, holiday gifts, trade shows, conferences, giveaways, and more.

Personalized Stainless Steel Tumblers

Personalized tumblers made of stainless steel are a top choice for brands. A stainless steel branded tumbler typically has a double-wall vacuum insulated construction that reliability conserves the integrity of whatever beverage is inside, hot or cold. They make great travel mugs.

This 12 oz. stainless steel tumbler has an engraved logo on both sides and is made in full color, matching the brand color palette exactly.

Porcelain Tumblers

Personalized tumblers made from porcelain, provide an entirely different aesthetic to a classic tumbler. Functional, of course, but also incredibly stylish and fashionable, these personalized tumblers have surged in popularity in recent years as many coffee and tea brands encourage customers to purchase these reusable tumblers to replace and mitigate the need for disposable paper to-go cups and lids.

While a custom porcelain tumbler comes in many sizes and styles, a favored style is a take on the look of the classic to-go coffee mug with a lid — sure to be the preferred travel tumbler option for discerning and style-conscious consumers.

The standard size on these personalized tumblers is 11 oz. The porcelain is double-walled for optimum insulation and can come with a push on silicone lid. Since these are modeled after a standard cup circumference, they fit into most car cup holders perfectly!

Acrylic Tumblers

These BPA-free personalized tumblers are ideal for cold drinks. Double-wall acrylic tumblers with a straw make these personalized tumblers the perfect drinkware option for staying hydrated by the pool, on the beach, or while having a picnic. They also make for great desk water cups! They’re durable, lightweight, and come in a plethora of colors.

Popular features of acrylic tumblers include:

  • Double Wall with Clear Outer Wall
  • Colored Geometric Inner Wall
  • Push-on Dual-Purpose Lid
  • Matching Straw

Custom Tumbler Trend: Wine Tumblers

One of the hottest custom tumbler trends brands are jumping on right now are wine tumblers.

This thermal wine tumbler sports a custom screen printed branded application on both sides of the custom tumbler. One way brands are using these custom tumblers strategically, is an event giveaway during networking happy hours.

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