Branded Corporate Gifts

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Ditch the transactional gifting experience. Move beyond giving another mundane cellophane-wrapped gift basket or generic gift card. Create something special with a curated selection of custom corporate gifts outfitted exclusively for the receiver down to the very last detail.

Build Connection with Corporate Gifts

From employees, clients, and business networking to extra special VIPs, corporate gifts are a proven way to build and keep a lasting relationship. In today’s hustle and bustle along with changing work environments, going the extra mile to craft an experience that breaks that mold of the status quo, is a business tactic to fully embrace.

While the selection of items is part of the equation for corporate gifting success, the very principle of the act sends a message your brand is different, your brand cares, your brand pauses to get the details just so. The term itself, “corporate gifting,” sounds stuffy and rigid, but that’s where that perspective can be put to rest.

With the right creative strategic partner at your side, corporate gifting is redefined to be a dynamic, lasting relationship builder.

Your corporate gifting strategy should help to humanize your brand and create connections based on shared interests and goals. From there, the relationship only matures and continues to bond over time with trust and mutual respect.

Corporate Gifts for Employee Onboarding

Finding and keeping good talent in today’s workforce is an everyday challenge for many businesses. When a new employee signs the offer letter, keep their excitement and engagement going strong by sending them a handcrafted corporate gift box.

Select items that will introduce the new employee to the company culture and pieces that will set them up for success.

Corporate gift ideas for new employees:

  • Branded water bottles
  • Custom tumblers
  • Screen printed t-shirt
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Custom hat
  • Branded notebook
  • Screen printed backpacks
  • Tech accessories

Incorporate an item that is unique to your brand/industry. For example, if you’re a tech start-up, gearing up your engineers with a branded wireless phone charger would be a great personal touch to the corporate gift.

Corporate Gifts for Employees

As many companies are fully operating remotely, company events for employees are falling by the wayside. Think after work happy hours, team building activities, and more. Many people are feeling the impact of working from home full-time and are missing that allotted time to bond with colleagues in real life.

Consider compiling corporate gifts for employees that rally around an activity like taking an online cooking class as a team together and outfitting those who participate with cooking and kitchen items like a branded apron, spatula, potholder, and wine/cocktail glass. When joining the virtual event, the swag can be worn and used as well as long after the event is done.

Branded gifts for your employees can be given anytime you see fit, but here are some ideas on special events to work with:

  • Employee work anniversaries
  • Employee Appreciation Day
  • Birth or adoption of a new child
  • Marriage
  • Promotion or big company accomplishment
  • When an employee goes above and beyond without being asked or expected to

Employees will feel heard and valued by the company and in turn, will be more motivated to stay productive.

Corporate Gifts for Clients

Giving clients a world-class experience every time they do business with your company is a no-brainer. Sending them a curated collection of items only further helps your client relationship management strategy continue to hit home.

Consider important milestones to send clients a care package such as celebrating the anniversary of the day you began working together, after a big deal closes, or just because.

Sending your clients a corporate gift can help:

  • Strengthen client engagement
  • Increase customer retention
  • Keep a two-way conversation flowing
  • Solidify customer loyalty
  • Influence customer referrals
  • Your brand stand out from other companies trying to court your client to switch

Popular corporate gifts for clients include:

  • Custom blankets
  • Custom mugs
  • Custom jackets
  • Embroidered backpacks
  • Custom made sweatshirts

Corporate Gifts for Prospective Clients

Converting prospects into clients takes a combination of strategic and calculated moves. If you’re looking to communicate the value of what relationships mean for your brand, why not show them before they make the leap with personalized and curated corporate gifts. Give your prospects a taste of what being a client of yours will look and feel like by selecting and designing items that tell the brand story for you in a tasteful and well-executed way.

Prospective client gift ideas may include:

  • Custom beanies
  • Custom patches
  • Custom tote bags
  • Branded flannel
  • Hot drink mug
  • Custom socks
  • Screen printed sun shields
Custom Packaging

Think of a corporate gift package not just as a nice branded touchpoint, but also as a traveling salesperson. We can help design and produce custom mailer boxes, tape, and packaging that carry your branding on them. After all, the corporate gift experience starts the moment the receiver sees the package. Make every moment of that count.

Dropshipping Corporate Gifts

There’s no surprise quite like when you receive an unexpected gift package on your doorstep. We can work with you on arranging for drop shipping services to bring your corporate gifts to the doors of each person on your list.

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