Promotional Custom Made T-Shirts

Design Custom T Shirts for Any Occasion

When we custom knit fabric and custom make a custom cut-and-sew t-shirt for your brand, you get a retail quality garment that sets your brand apart. Your brand's ethos will show throughout each and every stitch. When it comes to custom t-shirts, you don't have to settle with off-the-shelf basics that you can find anywhere else. We can customize every aspect of the t-shirt from the interior taping and stitching to the color and style of the fabric.

Your brand is unique, so are your customers and employees — represent that uniqueness with a custom t-shirt.

Cut & Sew

With decades of import industry expertise, we use state-of-the-art sewing and printing equipment to design and produce high-quality custom t-shirts that authentically represent your brand.

Custom t-shirts will become a walking billboard for your brand and your customer's favorite t-shirt.

Well-made and custom-designed t-shirts create an emotional connection with your customers, brand fans, and employees.

We can help you create a design for customized t-shirts, walk you through the variety of fabric options and t-shirt styles, and take care of the production details so what ends up in your hands is an exclusive collection of screen printed t-shirts designed for your brand.

Let's Create Something Together

Are You Ready to Start a Custom T-Shirt Project?

Reach out to our team to learn more about Custom T Shirt:

  • Your delivery deadline or event date
  • Your budget
  • Details related to your design
  • Specifics related to your target audience and goals
  • Answers to any questions you may have
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can you custom make t shirts?

    Yes. We can custom make t-shirts and we can knit custom fabric.

  • What level of Quality can I expect from Anthem Branding?

    You can expect retail quality.

  • What is your minimum order?

    Typically our minimum orders start at 300-1000 pieces depending on if we use stock fabric or knit custom fabric. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific details and to explore options.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    Turn around depends on several factors. Typically we can turn custom garments in 75-120 days. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific details and to explore options.

  • Do you offer finishing services?

    We offer several finishing services to include the following.

    Woven Tag sourcing, Woven tag sewing, Hang Tag sourcing, Hang tag application, Individual folding and poly bagging, Inside tag removal, Inside tag printing.

  • Do you offer Fulfillment Services?

    We can accommodate fulfillment services. If you have a request for fulfillment please reach out to our team and provide all details for your request. We will determine the best approach based on your specific needs for your project.