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Custom Marine Layer Clothing

When you are looking to invest in custom clothing, you want to choose the clothing brands that stand out. Marine Layer is one of them. Famed for their absurdly soft t-shirts, businesses of all sizes will benefit from the branding opportunities that come with a Marine Layer soft shirt. For team members who are customer facing or for your sales team working hard at trade events, wearing your high-quality Marine Layer signature fabric shirts will mean that those team members will stand out, be noticed, and be remembered. When aligning with the right brands for your custom shirts is so important, Marine Layer is always worth taking a closer look at.

Is Marine Layer Clothing Sustainable?

It is more important than ever that businesses take a more proactive approach to sustainability. That is because consumers are demanding it, making it a top priority. The good news is that the absurdly soft shirts from Marine Layer are sustainable eco-friendly and are designed using a variety of greener materials. Some lines of Marine Layer soft shirts are more eco-friendly than others, so look for those where the fabric is made from recycled beechwood, for example, if you are embracing those greener credentials. Production is self-sufficient too, so you know that carbon footprint is being kept to a minimum. 

Why Customize Marine Layer Shirts?

When a company is looking at custom shirts, they need to know that they are getting good value for their investment. The San Francisco base for Marine Layer ensures the high quality of the t-shirt manufacturing process and uses various unique materials and methods. One of the most important is its use of MicroModal, which is the signature fabric that Marine Layer uses. That fabric is made from recycled beechwood, so those custom shirts are not just absurdly soft, but long-lasting and ridiculously comfortable. Using our custom screen printing services means that you get all of the branding options you need, on a high-quality custom Marine Layer shirt that will allow you and your team to stand out wherever they are worn.

Custom Fabrics Meets Custom Shirts

Branded clothing is one of the first branding options for business owners to consider. Using screen printed t-shirts means that you and your team will be a lot more visible at trade events and industry conferences, and increasing brand awareness is a proven way to encourage company growth. That makes branding an essential part of any business strategy. By investing in high-quality custom shirts from Marine Layer, the Anthem Branding team will ensure that you get the brand impact that your growth strategy demands. From the signature fabric options to the custom fabrics sold by Marine Layer, we make it easier than ever for you to make the statement that you want your brand to make, and to get the color of your choosing while your team benefits from the high quality and absurdly soft t-shirts that make Marine Layer so popular.

Based in San Francisco, Marine Layer has carved out a unique place in the custom clothing industry. Their soft shirts are as comfortable as shirts come, meaning that your team can get down to work immediately without worrying about the discomfort of lesser clothing brands. When you want the best custom shirts in the U.S., contact the team at Anthem Branding today.

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