Comprehensive rebranding strategy & services

Transform your brand with modern logo design. From conceptualization to execution, we guide you through every step of the process to ensure your brand reflects your vision and values.
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Our rebranding process

Our designers and branding experts transform your brand into something that resonates with your target demographic:

Brand audit
We evaluate your existing brand identity, assets, and past branding strategies. We research your current market, competitors, target customer base, and unique value propositions in order to inform the rebranding. We then identify issues, opportunities, brand perceptions, customer feedback, relevant trends, and assess strengths and weaknesses.
Define brand strategy
With expert insights from our research, we align your brand vision, mission, core values, voice, competitive differentiators, ideal market positioning, and success metrics.
Brand identity, design, and style guides
Our talented design team translates your brand strategy into visual identity. This includes logo design, color scheme, typography choices, graphic treatments, photo styling, and pattern library.
Implementation of the rebranding strategy
We develop branded elements from product label design to package design, sales materials to websites and apps, trade show booths to media presentations in a strategically aligned way.
Basic rebranding package
Standard rebranding package
Premium rebranding package

The result

Our rebranding process aligns your corporate identity, business strategy, and business goals, translating into deeper customer engagement and increased business growth.

Discover how Anthem Branding can help with rebranding.

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Why choose Anthem Branding?

Strategic differentiation:

Our tailored approach ensures your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.

Meaningful services:

We go beyond aesthetics to create brands with purpose and resonance.

Proven results:

See how our past clients have transformed their brands with Anthem.

Watch: The Power of a Brand Refresh: Sobo Homes

What our customers are saying

Anthem didn’t just create a new brand for us; they understood who we are and what we stand for. Our rebranding journey with Anthem was transformative, and the results speak for themselves.
Mike D’Onofrio – Co-owner | Sobo Homes

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