Custom Converse Shoes & Boots


Everyone knows the name Converse. One of the most well-known and popular brands in the world, Converse shoes are worn by stars and fashion icons as much as the average person in the street. Now you can buy professionally customized Converse shoes that match your needs and your style. Converse is known for high quality, and whether you choose the famous high top style, the low tops, or the Converse work boots, you can choose your shoes to have a custom Converse design, right up to your own custom logo. With our customized shoes, you get the high quality of the Converse brand combined with our professional customization experience. If you want the Chuck Taylor guarantee of quality, then custom Converse shoes are the way to go.

Custom work boots

Converse sells a lot more than their classic high top trainers. They’re also a big name when it comes to their famous Converse work boots. Choose from the high quality steel toe capped work boots that are suitable for even the most industrial workplace, or the comfort classic range of Converse work shoes that are ideal for the office. You know that with the Converse name, your workplace is always going to be comfortable for your feet, and with your Converse custom design, you can have that workplace footwear looking however you like. Whether you buy in bulk so that all of your team are wearing the high quality Chuck Taylor footwear, or you want to stand out with your own unique custom embroidered styles, we have the workplace solutions that align perfectly with the Converse reputation for comfort and quality.

The custom logo

One of the most recognizable logos on the planet, the Converse logo is a classic design that always means high quality. However, due to its placement on the famous high top range, it’s also the ideal component to customize. You can add your custom logo to your custom Converse shoes, and we can even help you design the perfect logo for your needs. If you want something that’s as fun as it is comfortable, then your custom logo can do the job for you. If you’re going for a more serious tone, then your custom Converse can do that too. When you need a custom logo Converse, then you’re after the high quality and professional branding that we are known for.

Perfect for your customers

Many big-name brands promote their products to their customers by offering branded custom Converse. That’s because those customers already know and trust the Converse brand, and they’ll buy your custom Converse knowing that they are getting the high quality footwear that goes hand in hand with the Converse name. Converse shoes are comfortable, stylish, and long-lasting, and when combined with your Converse custom design, that means your customers are only getting the best. Don’t settle for cheap, off-brand copies of the world-famous Converse shoes. Instead, have your Chucks customized with your very own Converse custom design that can be worn whatever the occasion.

For work and play

Whether you want custom Converse for your workplace, your wedding, or for every player in your sports team, we have the solutions that matter. When you can customize your Converse in the way that you want, from the color, the imagery, and even the custom logo, Converse shoes can be worn almost anywhere. With a range of footwear that now goes far beyond the famous high top design, Converse makes shoes for every occasion and every environment.

Where to buy custom Converse?

We sell custom Converse so that you always get the custom design that you’re hoping for. Whatever your needs, we have the skills, training, and experience that matters when it comes to creating the perfect custom Converse shoes. Choose your design and your custom logo, and we do the rest. It couldn’t be easier to choose the best custom Converse design, add your custom logo, and have your Chuck Taylor’s delivered. Minimum Order Quantity: 12 pairs.

How long does it take to get custom Converse?

It usually takes between three to four weeks from ordering your custom Converse, meaning that you could have your customized Converse shoes within a month from ordering. Due to the high quality of our customization team, you can order in confidence, knowing that when your cons arrive, you will be able to wear them instantly. When custom Converse shoes can be worn for almost any occasion, we know that you want to slip on your high top custom trainers, your low tops, or your Converse work shoes immediately. 

Can I return custom Converse?

Unfortunately, no. Once we customize the shoe they cannot be returned. However, due to the high quality of Converse shoes, combined with our experience of customizing them, we very rarely have to deal with an unhappy customer.

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