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Supplying high quality and stylish clothing for over a decade, Bella Canvas is a brand name known across the entire US. Now, you can order Bella Canvas custom shirts that are branded to suit your company, club, or society. With a huge range of personalization options, you can wear a custom Bella Canvas sweatshirt, Bella Canvas t-shirts, and both short sleeve shirts and long sleeve shirts. When it comes to custom apparel, Bella Canvas is hard to beat, meaning that your custom-designed Bella Canvas apparel will always be of the highest quality while your company or team design is always where you want it to be. Find out more about our unique options that you can choose from when you order your Bella Canvas custom shirts.

Always at the forefront

Bella Canvas has always taken a unique approach to their business model. As well as the range of high quality clothing, they also produce ethically and environmentally sustainable products only, so you can wear your Bella Canvas custom shirts knowing that you are buying from a company that sources their materials from premium sources with an exceptionally high ethical output. When you add in your custom embroidery, whether it's for work or for play, you know that you're getting the high quality that matters in today's busy world. Bella Canvas t-shirts are so popular because they are exceptionally soft, thanks to their Airlume process. This process of combing and refining the long cotton that is used in all of the Bella Canvas apparel results in an incredibly pure cotton. Other clothing manufacturers claim to be of high quality, but very few offer the actual high quality that you get with Bella Canvas custom shirts.

The low cost of Bella Canvas apparel

One of the reasons why Bella Canvas apparel is so low cost is because they sell plain clothing in wholesale amounts. That means a custom t-shirt by Bella Canvas can be bought and customized in large quantities without breaking your budget. For corporate use or for clubs with a high number of members, our Bella Canvas custom printing on t-shirts and shirts is incredible value for money, and you're not cutting back on quality either. Thanks to their dedicated approach to removing all of the impurities that other manufacturers will just leave means that all of their clothes are of exceptional quality, comfortable and soft to wear, and all while remaining durable. Buying and customizing large numbers of Bella Canvas blank apparel with your company name or society slogan added is always a smart option. For corporations that want to stand out at conventions and industry conferences, Bella Canvas custom shirts can be just as much a part of your brand storytelling as your social media and product packaging. 

Do Bella Canvas shirts run true to size?

Like many t-shirt and shirt makers, Bella Canvas t-shirts can be a challenge when it comes to getting the right size. The line of women's t-shirts have been designed to fit small, while the relaxed fit range will tend to be more oversized. However, we can take advantage of the Bella Canvas Sample Program that lets us order multiple examples at low cost, so you get to order the size of Bella Canvas custom shirts that fits.

What are Bella Canvas shirts made of?

With their approach to high quality, all of the products made by Bella Canvas are listed in their fabric guide. From the Bella Canvas unisex range to the women's or men's Bella Canvas t-shirts, you can choose the fabrics that you prefer. These can range from 100% Airlume cotton to the option of 91% polyester with 9% Airlume.

How do Bella Canvas unisex shirts fit?

All of the Bella Canvas unisex shirts will fit small, so if you prefer a little more room in your Bella Canvas custom shirts, it's always best to go for a size up. However, the relaxed fit collection does tend to be a little on the oversized side.

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