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Custom Apparel

Custom apparel is the perfect way to elevate your brand and the message you want to portray. This type of merchandise is ideal for promoting your business with tactile products that provoke thoughts and feelings about your company and its ethos. Exploring apparel clothing options is also an affordable way to market your business. At Anthem Branding, we provide a full-service branding and design agency to help you create the ideal promotional clothing that hits all the right notes.

Our brand development services, and design team are specialists in bringing your ideas to life. Some of the types of apparel services we provide include:

Custom Clothing

If you’re looking for a range of custom clothing options, including polo shirts, dress shirts, tank tops, and day t-shirts, we can create the ideal branding for multiple styles of clothing. Our team doesn’t just provide garment printing or run of the mill customized t-shirts; we focus on getting your core branding message communicated through high-quality custom clothing that represents your brand.

Screen printed or embroidered options

Custom clothing is available in a variety of design options, including printing and embroidery finishes. Each design is suitable for everything from a simple company logo or trade show promotional garments. Styles such as shirts and hoodies also look great with either design finish, so this can be tailored to your requirements and budget.

Promotional clothing and merchandise

If you’re looking to promote your business at events, custom clothing is the perfect way to create a memorable takeaway. This is a tried and tested method of gaining exposure for your business and developing customer loyalty. It also opens up a conversation during events and is an easy way to capture interest during and after trade shows. Custom apparel and merchandise products for this type of marketing activity often use screen printing methods as an affordable and high-quality way to promote your business.

Some examples of the customized items we provide include:

  • Bags
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
  • Water bottles
  • Face masks .
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where to buy face masks in bulk?

    Face masks are now becoming the norm in everyday life. So, utilizing this type of custom apparel can help you boost your business exposure. Our brand development services can help you create the perfect face masks. We also work with suppliers to bring bulk buying discounts for our customers.

  • How to customize clothes?

    The process of customizing clothing is a specialist service if you are looking for professionally designed custom logo apparel. To obtain the right type of customized clothing for your business, partnering with an expert in screen printing and embroidery is the best option. Alongside printing clothing, our branding and design agency offers everything from initial branding strategy and design to implementing custom logos and branding to your merchandise requirements.

  • What is custom clothing?

    Custom apparel or clothing, simply put, is clothing made especially for you and your brand. The beauty of custom logo apparel is that you can work with our branding and design agency to tailor the finished product to your branding message. This ensures you always target your audience with engaging and useful products to retain a place in their buying choices. There are many benefits of using a design agency to harness your brand message, and our brand development services can maximize their success.

  • What custom apparel products do you offer?

    Our Boulder branding and design agency offers a range of custom logo apparel options to complement your promotional clothing strategy. We can work with you to produce custom printed items and products to suit your specifications. Plus, we have a full-service agency that handles everything from design through to merchandise printing. Our customer service and quality standards ensure we deliver the best products for your business needs. Some examples of the types of printing services we offer include:

    • Digital printing
    • Embroidery
    • T-shirt printing
    • Screen-printing

    If you’re looking for custom clothing for your business, we can create impactful garments to complement your branding. Whether your company is based in Colorado or Denver or further afield, we’re happy to help your branding needs boost your company profile. Just search ‘custom apparel near me’ to find us.

    Speak with us today to discover how custom-created garments could add that extra something to your business.