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Custom Embroidery

At Anthem Branding, we specialize in providing custom embroidered and personalized design for a variety of business requirements. Embroidered designs are a great way to showcase your brand, whether you’re looking to resell products or giveaway promotional products. Embroidery services are available for a range of products, including polo shirts and custom t-shirts. This style of custom embroidered is also a great way to add a high-end look to clothing.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why choose for your campaign?

    If you’re thinking about custom embroidery in Colorado, it ultimately comes down to the type of finish on the garments you require. It can be tricky to decide whether to choose between custom embroidered apparel or screen printing options, but there are a few things that can help you make the best choice. These include:

    Embroidery services are often an excellent option for smaller logos, as larger designs will take more time and detail, which may cost more money. Custom embroidered designs also work better for some types of material, including fleece style fabrics.

  • What types of garments is suitable?

    Custom embroidery is suitable for a wide selection of garments, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and hats. It’s an ideal way to promote your campaign or business as it offers a high-end look on garments. Designs on clothing can also be stitched on the back, front, and arms, depending on your requirements.

    There is also a range of custom embroidery types, including satin thread embroidery, 3D, fill stitch and patterned fill stitch finishes.

  • What is custom embroidery?

    Custom embroidery is the process of creating designs on fabric using stitching methods. When you upload your logo or the online design, our team undertakes a digitizing service to transform your logo into embroidery digital patterns and add virtual stitches over the artwork. These designs are transferred to the production and custom embroidery machines to create the finished result.

    If you have your own artwork for embroidery, a suitable file is required to transfer the work into a readable production design. To achieve the best outcome on your personal designs, files are typically accepted in the following formats: AI, CDR, DST, EMB, EPS, JPG, PDF, PNG, PSD, or TIFF at 300dpi.

  • How much does it cost?

    Embroidery services vary in cost depending on the size of the order and embroidered apparel requirements. We work with you to quote your custom embroidery project to ensure value for money for your marketing campaigns.

    There are some initial costs of custom embroidery projects. This includes creating a digitized format of your design. This is then transferred to the machines to create your custom embroidery garments. Once we have your plans and set this up, this extra cost is not required for subsequent orders.

    Pricing for customized projects is based on a sliding scale, and the more you purchase the unit price decreases. Some primary areas are also taken into account when pricing embroidery jobs; these include:

    Type of garment

    The total quantity of garments

    The complexity of your design

    How many stitches in your design

    The number of locations you want to be embroidered

    With many years of experience behind us, our customer’s experiences of our custom embroidery services speak for themselves.

  • What type of custom printing and embroidery services do you offer?

    At Anthem Branding, we provide a full-service package for custom embroidery projects. We can work with you to create custom designs and regularly partner with businesses for embroidery in Colorado Springs and beyond. Our skilled team is available to take on urgent orders as requested, and you may be able to get your designs complete within a few business days (depending on capacity).

    Custom embroidery near me

    If you’re looking to explore embroidery in Colorado or beyond, we can help create the perfect campaign. Our design team is available to develop branding and strategies to boost your marketing results while providing cost-effective promotional items.

    We specialize in printing and embroidery services in the Boulder and Denver area. Plus, we also work with companies across the US on both small and large projects.

    If you’d like to find out more about our services, contact our customer service team, who’ll be happy to chat about the next steps.

  • What is your minimum order?

    Typically our minimum orders start at 72 pieces. We can accommodate smaller quantities depending on the item. Please contact us if you have any additional questions.

  • Do you offer finishing services?

    We offer several finishing services to include the following.

    Woven Tag sourcing, Woven tag sewing, Hang Tag sourcing, Hang tag application, Individual folding and polybagging, Inside tag removal, Inside tag printing.

  • Do you offer Fulfillment Services?

    We can accommodate fulfillment services. If you have a request for fulfillment please reach out to our team and provide all details for your request. We will determine the best approach based on your specific needs for your project.