Custom embroidery for clothing, hats, and more

Your clients and team will love custom embroidered apparel and gear.

Embroidery is just the tip of the customization iceberg.

This is just a sampling. We can do our embroidery process on a wide selection of items, from custom Converse shoes to trucker hats to custom socks to messenger bags. For the full scope of what we offer, see our promotional items page.

Fluent Conveyors Embroidery Interior Label Black Grey Buffalo Plaid Shirt by Anthem Branding

Custom corporate apparel

There’s no better way to build that team spirit than with custom apparel with your branding embroidered on. From dress shirts to Under Armour hoodies to Helly Hansen jackets to Nike hats to Vans high-top shoes, you’ll cement esprit de corps and have everyone looking fly. Custom embroidered apparel is great for client giveaways, too!

Whether you want your logo tastefully embroidered on one pocket, or really eyecatching design, we’re here for it. Our branding and design professionals can help you come up with the perfect custom embroidery design to match your brand vibe.

Our custom embroidery shop combines world-class production with boutique customer service, so you’re always getting the best of both worlds!



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