Custom Promotional Products For Your Business

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Promotional Products

Custom promotional products can elevate your brand, allowing you to stand out among your competition. There are lots of cool and unique ways to use branded products within your marketing strategy without them looking too gimmicky. Customized promotional products also enable you to keep branding consistent throughout your company, which ensure you have positive brand recognition at all times.

Types of promotional items available

There are hundreds of promotional products available for different marketing uses. Some suit corporate requirements while others are ideal for giving away as a promotional product at trade shows. Each has benefits to your company and will provide an engaging and impactful addition to your marketing efforts. Some of the top promotional products include:

  • Water bottles
  • Clothing
  • Tote bags
  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitizers

Whether you’re a small business looking for more exposure or an established company creating trade show materials, there are cost-effective branded items for all budgets.

Gain visibility with high-quality promotional products

At Anthem Branding in Boulder, Colorado, we have extensive experience in bringing promotional and branded products to life. We take care of the details of each design and ensure they translate well on your chosen promotional products. Our team is available to partner with you from initial design ideas and marketing strategy through to the finished product. We also have experience in recognizing market trends and will ensure you get the right products and brand awareness suited to the campaign and consumer.

Eco-friendly promotional products

We share the same values and ethos as our customers when it comes to providing plant and people-friendly alternatives when it comes to delivering promotional products. Among the popular options for bags, hats, and clothing, materials such as organic cotton and jute are suitable fabrics for your requirements.

Corporate promotional products

Promotional products aren’t just suitable for promotional activities; they also provide a consistent look and vibe within your business. Whether you’re in a corporate setting or an informal work environment, company branding is vital to show you are a team.

Promotional products are available for a wide range of uses including uniforms, corporate gifts for clients, and keepsakes such as keychains for employees.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the best promotional items?

    There is no right or wrong answer for what the best branded merchandise on the market is. However, to get the best custom promotional items made for your business, a marketing and branding strategy should be in place to help you decide. At Anthem Branding, we can help you select the most suitable promotional products for your business use. Whether it’s for a trade show or in-house employee uniform requirement, we can assist in any type of branding project.

  • What are some promotional items companies give away?

    Customized promotional products are the ideal opportunity to raise brand awareness and create engagement between your brand and your target consumer. To achieve this, giveaways are a perfect way to drum up impactful interest especially at trade shows and exhibitions. The main aspect to consider when giving away branded merchandise is the cost to your business. To keep custom promotional items within your budget, there are a few products that can ensure a positive message without expensive costs. These include:

    • T-shirts
    • Hats
    • Tote bags
    • Face masks
    • Pens
    • Water bottles
    • Notebooks
    • Plus many more…
  • What are promotional items?

    Custom promotional items are products that are suited for customization for your business needs. These can be related to external promotional activities such as trade shows and exhibitions. However, promotional products also are ideal for internal marketing and branding consistency. Branded merchandise comes in many shapes and forms and is suited to every business. There’s also a range of products to choose from that can all personalized with logos, text, and designs.

  • What are the most popular promotional items?

    The most popular custom promotional products are often used for external marketing efforts. Products such as apparel, bags and hats are among the top choices for companies across the US. Smaller items such as water bottles, face masks and stationery are also a popular example of products used to give away at trade shows and marketing events. While these are popular choices, choosing products that suit your business and its needs are the most cost-effective and engaging way to target your customers.

    If you are looking to explore the ways that promotional products can help market your business and create impactful branding, contact us to find out more. We partner with companies across the Denver and Colorado areas and many more national campaigns throughout the US.