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When it comes to clothing designed for skiing, sailing, and the great outdoors, there's one name that stands out. Helly Hansen apparel is designed to protect you from coarse rocks and harsh winters, and that makes it perfect for the harshest of workplaces and environments. Helly Hansen workwear is high-quality, with its clean lines and a streamlined fit, and when combined with your customization choice, you know that you're getting only the best for you and your team. We sell Helly Hansen corporate jackets and workwear that isn't just durable but comfortable and stylish as well, enhancing your brand reputation while being affordable and classic.

Why buy a Helly Hansen custom jacket?

Teams wear uniforms because it builds team spirit and makes those teams more productive. With our range of customization options, you can design your Helly Hansen workwear so that it matches and aligns with your corporate branding. You can have a Helly Hansen custom logo that will link your brand with the high quality of the Helly Hansen name, and you can rest easy knowing that your Helly Hansen corporate jackets are of the same high quality that the Helly Hansen name is renowned for. You can finish the look off with some Helly Hansen custom embroidery, with your corporate logo or slogan positioned where you want it for maximum visibility. That means your team will stand out more at trade conferences and industry events, with your Helly Hansen apparel also adding to your overall branding strategy. When brand storytelling is so important these days, every photo of your team wearing their Helly Hansen workwear will only add to your potential marketing options.

Is Helly Hansen workwear high quality?

It's hard to beat Helly Hansen workwear when it comes to longevity and durability. Their range of Helly Hansen corporate jackets are both stylish and practical, designed as they are to protect sailors, climbers, and hikers. Whatever your work requires and wherever it takes you, you know that with Helly Hansen corporate jackets that have been customized by the professional team at Anthem Branding, you're not compromising on that quality and practicality that Helly Hansen corporate jackets and workwear are famous for.

How to order your custom Helly Hansen workwear

It couldn't be easier to have your Helly Hansen workwear customized with your branding choices. Simply choose from the range of Helly Hansen apparel, and make some choices about the design elements that you need. You could add a Helly Hansen custom logo, change the colors to match your corporate branding, and have your slogans added with Helly Hansen custom embroidery. We take your vision and your corporate requirements and turn them into the Helly Hansen apparel that you need for the workplace. Choose from the range of options that include triple stitched and double front panels, depending on your needs, and have your Helly Hansen custom jacket perfectly suited to your working conditions.

Helly Hansen workwear is always high quality and, when combined with our professional customization options, you get the workwear that matches your brand culture. Never underestimate the quality that you get with Helly Hansen apparel, and make sure that you get the clean lines and streamlined fit that you get with all of the Helly Hansen range of products. Order your customized Helly Hansen workwear and corporate workwear whatever you need.

Who is Helly Hansen?

The name Helly Hansen comes from the founder of the company, the Norwegian captain Helly Juell Hansen. In 1877, Hansen wanted to find a way to better protect his shipmates and crew from the often brutal Nordic winters. He built a company that started making oilskin jackets, but now they offer a full range of clothing that is designed for sailors, mountain climbers, and all outdoor sports. That means Helly Hansen workwear is always going to keep your team protected from the elements so that they can get down to work immediately. Helly Hansen apparel is triple stitched, so it's hard to damage in even the most industrial of workplaces, and the Helly Hansen custom jackets can all come with double front panels so that you can work hands-free. When it comes to clean lines and a streamlined fit, it's hard to beat the Helly Hansen workwear range. 

Are Helly Hansen jackets warm?

Intended to protect wearers from the harshest of elements, all Helly Hansen apparel is warm. However, different triple stitched corporate jackets come with different levels of warmth. Their warmest base layer is a Lifa top with merino, ideal for those days when the weather is at its coldest. The Helly Hansen innovative waterproof fabric will even keep you dry if you're working in the rain. A Helly Hansen custom jacket can be worn in any weather and will keep you protected as you and your team get down to business.

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