Promotional Branded Custom Blankets

Blankets are an ideal corporate or employee gift to promote your brand.

A well-made, high-end, and professionally designed custom blanket is a way for your brand to not just game some points for elegance and lux. Branded blankets, especially in the age of remote work environments, are a promotional product must.

Custom blankets are a no-brainer for hospitality brands, spas, airlines, and travel agencies, but maybe your restaurant recently added outdoor seating or you’re seeking new ideas for corporate gifts. Branded blankets can fit that bill while elevating your brand and getting your message across.

From marketing giveaways, trade show promos, VIP favors, or event incentives, personalized blankets are a unique promotional product that carries a range of tailor-made branding opportunities and room for creativity that other items don’t offer.

Go behind simply placing your business logo on a basic blanket. After all, if you can do that in a few clicks of your mouse, so can your competition. The investment in blankets is worth putting some thought into each stitch.

You could create a collection of personalized blankets that support a special occasion or add branded blankets as a staple to your promotional product inventory.

Fleece Blankets

The ol’ classic fleece blanket is a timeless blanket staple. Warm, check. Soft, check. Durable, check, check, and check! Fleece, while it takes its name from that of a sheep’s coat, is a synthetic material mostly comprised of polyester, woven into a light fabric and the brushed.

Many fleece blanket manufacturers have pivoted to make this fluffy fabric more an eco-chic fashion statement with the use of recycled plastic bottles.

You can’t go wrong with fleece — a great ally for all things outdoors while being breathable. Add a custom-branded woven label, embroidered brand messaging, or an added level of personalization for impressive touch.

Plush blankets

If you’re into fleece, plush is fleece supercharged. Blankets that are “plush” have a thick fleece base. Adding thickness lends itself to a stronger overall blanket and allows for the material to be brushed into a thicker pile height.

After the fleece has been brushed it is then sheared, which is what gives the plush blanket its coveted soft hand feel while also safeguarding the blanket from pilling or shedding after washing it.

Plush blankets are super warm and have an undeniable luxury look to them. A great choice to consider for your branded blanket collection.

Custom Puffy Blankets

We can sublimate your full color logo on our all-season blanket.


Synthetic Insulation

Weather Resistant

Stain Resistant

Machine washable

Water-resistant stuff sack included

Custom Festival Blanket

Custom Festival and Outdoor Blankets

Our Custom Festival Blankets will keep you comfortable and dry at a music festival, on a picnic, camping or at the beach


• Sand-Resistant

• Water-Resistant Base

• Packs Small

• Anchoring Corners

Sweatshirt Blankets

Just as the name suggests, these blankets are made from soft knit jersey fabric that we know and love from our favorite crewneck sweatshirts.

Sweatshirt blankets are versatile — they can be used as a throw in the home, a blanket to keep in the car, a picnic blanket, or a stadium blanket. The jersey knit fabric gives brands choices on how it can be personalized using methods like embroidery or screen printing. Both decoration styles look great on blankets.

Roll-up blankets

Ideal for on-the-go adventures, travel, sporting events, or keeping in the car in case of emergency, roll-up blankets are often designed to roll into themselves or they come with a carrying case or carrying wrap with handles.

The experience of a roll-up blanket is unlike other blankets, as it has even more opportunity for brands to customize due to the look the blanket has while being used as well as when it’s rolled up.

Sherpa Blankets

Sherpa says upscale, unlike any other custom blanket. Named after the clothing the Sherpa people of Nepal wear, Sherpa fabric is a mix of different fibers and is designed to resemble that of a sheep’s fur. Extremely soft, fluffy, and warm, sherpa blankets are a good eco-friendly alternative to real fur blankets or wool.

These lightweight custom blankets are a winter necessity! They shield against wind and cold weather while wicking any moisture. A Sherpa blanket is as close to giving your audience a hug.

Baby blankets

When you think of making customized blankets on behalf of your company, baby blankets may not be the first idea that comes to mind. But we are seeing more brands opt for personalizing custom baby blankets either as a gift option to employees with families or in their online stores as a way to extend their brand reach and gain new fans.

Plus, when promotional blankets are thoughtfully designed with the end-user in mind like baby blankets, your brand is sure to be tagged in some adorable social posts! There is nothing wrong with starting to build affinity for your brand early.

Where can I get a custom blanket made?

Reach out to our team of branding experts to learn more details about custom blankets. The options are truly endless and allow for a lot of creativity to shape the outcome and position your brand in a unique way that no other promotional product can.

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