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Founded in 1938, Columbia has come a long way from its original business model. Now, they sell a lot more than just hats. Columbia is a leading name in the sportswear industry, with state of the art soft shell jackets and Columbia shirts among their most popular products. Columbia apparel can now be customized, meaning that you can more easily align your teams, whether they're corporate or sports-based. Our custom Columbia shirts are among some of our best-selling products simply because Columbia promotional apparel can always be relied on. If you want to stand out from your competitors and make sure that your team never has to worry about the durability or comfort of their clothing, then Columbia promotional apparel is the answer.

Ideal for Sports Teams

When football, soccer, taekwondo, or hockey teams are wearing high-quality, state of the art Columbia clothing, they will be more focused on the game. That means they will work together more instead of stressing about discomfort. Our Columbia apparel can be customized with your team logo and the colors that match, meaning that you'll look as good as you play. Whatever your sport, you can order custom Columbia hats, jackets, or jackets so that you can get down to business whatever the weather. You can have your Columbia gear delivered complete with custom embroidered slogans, and the Columbia fleece jackets are just as durable as they are comfortable. Whoever you're facing in a competition, customized Columbia apparel will let you focus more on the game, improving your chances of victory.

Perfect for Businesses

Branding is more important than ever, and with Columbia apparel that's been customized with your unique logos and brand slogans, you can make much more of an impact. When brand alignment and corporate storytelling is so vital, state of the art Columbia apparel is the key to improving your professional image. There are hundreds of studies that show how having business teams wearing corporate clothing makes those teams more productive, but custom Columbia apparel does more than that. All of your promotional storytelling posted on social media will look more cohesive and professional if your team members are wearing custom Columbia hats, polo shirts, or fleece jackets. If you want your brand to look its best while working hard to meet your goals, then Columbia apparel is hard to beat.

The Columbia reputation

Known as one of the leaders in sportswear and outdoor clothing, Columbia clothing is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Ideal for work or play, you can wear your customized soft shell jackets at industry conferences to make you stand out and be remembered, or when you're sitting on the side of the pitch waiting to be called to play. Your custom embroidered Columbia apparel suits every occasion, and you don't have to worry about comfort either. Columbia apparel is known for both its comfort and its durability, but it also has a name for being much more low-cost than its main competitors. Despite the state of the art design and materials, Columbia apparel is incredible value for money, making it perfect for your team no matter how many members it has.

Columbia jacket custom logo for you

All marketers know that a logo is essential to get right. Not only does a good logo grab customers' attention, but it also helps to make a strong first impression. Our graphic designers in Boulder, Colorado, will help you design the perfect logo if you don't yet have one, and our customization team will make sure that your polo shirts, hats, and soft shell jackets have the logo positioned right. When consumers expect to see brand alignment from the get-go through to a purchase, Columbia apparel is an option that's proving very popular indeed. We make Columbia corporate apparel that's designed to build on your brand identity, creating that vital first impression that suggests professionalism and pride. Don't make the mistake of thinking that Columbia corporate apparel is just something that's nice to have. In today's highly competitive business landscape, your custom embroidered fleece jackets or state of the art custom Columbia jacket is the perfect addition to your marketing strategies.

Where are Columbia shirts made?

Although based in Oregon, many of the most popular Columbia clothes are made in Vietnam. More than 60% of everything that Columbia makes is made in Vietnam, largely because the company has a huge customer base in Asia. As well as having manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, Columbia apparel is also made in China.

From sports teams that want to look as good as they play to business leaders that want their teams to be more aligned, custom Columbia shirts, fleece jackets, and polo shirts are the affordable, professional, and durable solution. Have your Columbia promotional apparel designed and printed to suit your needs by the professionals that focus on brand name customization. Don't stick to those custom companies that use cheap knocks offs when you can get your Columbia apparel that lasts and looks like the high quality and state of the art design that the sportswear company is famous for.

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