Divios offers a modern approach to sun care providing healthy, reef-safe cannabis-infused products that are both good for you and the environment. Crafted for the adventurous, Divios allows you to embrace the sun in all of life’s adventures.

We partnered with the Divios team to create an exciting and authentic brand identity and packaging system to help provide an elevated experience for their consumers. We brought to life the exciting, approachable personality of the brand while making sure it felt innovative, premium, and trustworthy.

The fresh, modern logo and packaging encapsulate the vibe and aesthetic of southern California, a place of exploration and adventure and an authentic representation of the brand. We infused bright blocks of color into the packaging to signal to the consumer that the brand is fun and exciting, while still feeling thoughtful and premium.

"Anthem brings a very balanced approach to design and branding, and its team is collaborative and responsive."


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