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Sunflower stands for natural goodness. Established in 1978, Sunflower Market is a family-owned and operated whole health market in Woodstock, NY. Devoted to the health and wellness of the community, Sunflower offers high-quality organic produce and locally crafted goods.

As they embark on a huge store remodel and expansion, we partnered with their amazing crew to explore the next phase in their logo evolution. We brought to life the fresh, honest, and friendly personality of the brand while finding a way to maintain their rich community heritage.

The modernized visual identity system showcases a simplified sunflower icon, expressive typography, natural colors, and a beautifully illustrated sunflower that harkens back to their brand roots and helps maintain brand recognition during this logo evolution.

"The design displayed is thoughtful, clear, striking and I am ready to stand behind it. Thankful for your team’s creative evaluation of our company, our staff, and our customers. I am glad we found each other."


"Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I’m so pleased with the results and so grateful to have gotten the chance to work with such wonderful people."


"I’m speechless, everything is so beautiful. It was such a pleasure to work with you all."


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