Ramen Squad

Pet Care

Reporting for Adventure

Offering day hikes and overnight care for adventurous dogs, Ramen Squad is an upstart dog adventure company. Using positive learning to provide a fun and loving environment for dogs, Ramen Squad provides peace of mind for doggie parents.

We partnered with the owner of Ramen Squad to create a unique and authentic brand identity to help establish her pup-centered business as a contemporary and trustworthy pet caregiver. We brought to life the fun personality of the brand while making sure it felt professional and trustworthy.

The adorable logo is inspired by modern Japanese illustration and showcases Ramen, the friendly and inviting company mascot, depicted in an iconic, bold way. Whimsical supporting graphics featuring squad members Mochi and Dumpling speak to the adventurous and joyful experience Ramen Squad provides.

Once our branding exploration was complete, we helped create and produce fun branded merchandise that supports the brand’s ethos.

“If you are looking for an exceptional brand experience which reflects your story and goes deeply to connect you with your customers, I recommend Anthem. The Anthem team helped bring the Ramen Squad brand story to life. “


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