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Thistle is a non-profit dedicated to affordable housing in Boulder County. We updated their brand to reflect their professionalism and approachable presence in the community.

Building opportunity

Thistle is a local non-profit dedicated to the planning, development, and management of affordable housing. They ensure that working families, disabled and elderly residents in Boulder County are able to live and work where they want. We had the exciting opportunity to refresh their brand identity, providing Thistle with an identity that is a strong reflection of their company values.

The updated logo incorporates an abstracted Thistle icon, focusing on community, openness, and growth. We selected a sophisticated color palette and clean visual aesthetic, giving the Thistle brand a high level of professionalism.

“Anthem invested the time to understand our business, our environment, and our goals. They guided a recasting of Thistle that fit with who and where we are today; they gave us the language to frame our growth for the future in a difficult market.”


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