Comet Brews

Bringing new life to the craft beer scene in downtown Littleton, Comet Brews will offer limited release, small-batch beers that reflect an organic and deliberate approach to brewing. The historic Comet Press print shop will be renovated to become a new taproom to serve up their artisan brews.

Our goal working with the Comet crew was to tell an authentic brand story that distinguishes the brewery from a crowded landscape. Celebrating the heritage of the historic town of Littleton, the visual identity has a classic, old-school vibe that evokes a feeling of nostalgia.

Representing the path from past to present, the branding pays homage to the local community with a vintage, time-worn look. The hop lamppost and muted color story introduce a sense of tradition, where the custom type references Comet Brews’ dedication to artisanal craftsmanship.

The entire Anthem crew took our vague hand-waves and produced spectacular branding concepts. A truly collaborative work of art, we are proud and humbled to share our brand with the world.

Brian Wilke, Founder

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