Custom embroidered Converse shoes

Converse are among the most popular custom shoes we offer. With custom embroidery, you can take your personalized Converse shoes to a whole new level of corporate self-expression.
Embroidered converse corporate sales by anthem branding

Options for custom embroidered Converse shoes

Not only can we add custom embroidery to any Converse shoes, but we can also customize almost every other aspect of the shoe. From the uppers to the laces to almost everything else, we can personalize your Converse shoes in every aspect.

Converse types
Low-tops, high-tops, Chuck Taylor, Chuck 70, CTA, Jack Purcell, and more
Uppers color
Choose from a wide variety of colors and color combinations, including specialized colors such as metallic.
Uppers pattern
Create a custom pattern such as checkered, striped, rainbow and more.
Uppers material
Branding & imagery
Add custom imagery to any Converse shoe. Add your brand logo anywhere on the shoe.
Digital printing

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Absolut Converse All Stars Low Top Rainbow Sublimated by Anthem Branding 6

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