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Rebranding your Business with Anthem Branding

Are you looking for a rebranding agency that truly understands your business?

Here at Anthem Branding, we offer bespoke rebranding services that are completely tailored to your business and customer base.

We understand that rebranding your business is no easy feat and that you may be wondering if you really need a brand refresh at all.

Whether you are a fairly new business struggling to stand out from the competition or an established brand in a changing industry, our bespoke brand refresh services can help you effectively convey your messaging and create a coherent and consistent brand identity.

So, how does our rebranding agency work?

When it comes to rebranding a business, we first take a close look at your existing brand and the products or services that you offer.

At Anthem Branding, we have over 15 years of experience in the industry, we have worked with an extensive selection of businesses, including small start-ups and global corporations, and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

We understand that every business is unique, and we promise to work with you to find your true brand voice and brand identity and then showcase it to the world.

Let us capture the essence of your business and bring your brand to life!

Rebranding is a great way to refine your existing Brand

Want to be able to compete with the most successful brands in your industry?

Let us help you gain that competitive edge with our custom rebranding services.

If you have not undergone the rebranding process before, you may be wondering why you need to invest time and money into your rebranding efforts.

First and foremost, a successful brand refresh should enable you to attract more customers and, more specifically, more profitable customers. A key part of any rebranding strategy is brand research which enables you to identify exactly what customers are aligned with your brand’s purpose and position. This, in turn, allows you to effectively tailor your brand messaging.

Rebranding your business can also enable you to command a higher price for your products or services as you can redefine the value that your target audience place on your offerings.

For businesses struggling to stand out from the crowd, rebranding can help differentiate your business from your competitors by showcasing what makes you unique.

As a premium rebranding agency, we can help to revolutionize how people perceive your brand, providing maximum return on investment whatever your budget.

Check out our premium Promotional Products and bespoke Packaging Design, which are both crucial parts of our rebranding process.

Importance of Brand Refresh Services

Our bespoke services are designed to keep your business one step ahead of the competition. More of an adjustment than a complete change, the brand refresh process involves sharpening your brand messaging and visual identity.

We often get asked what the difference is between a brand refresh and a rebrand, and the answer is simple.

A rebrand is an overhaul of your branding, often triggered by restructuring, changing product offerings, or merging with another business. A brand refresh, on the other hand, is a process designed to keep your business fresh and reflects the changing needs of your customers.

There are many reasons why you should invest in brand refresh services, including to:

Keep your business relevant in a constantly changing marketplace.

Give your business a competitive edge.

Showcase your business as an industry leader.

Grow your customer base and increase sales.

Ultimately, you need to make sure that your customers feel that your brand truly reflects them so that you can create a long-lasting connection with them, and this is definitely something that a rebranding creative agency can do.

Company Rebranding Guide

Are you ready to rebrand your business?

Unlike other rebranding agencies that take a generic approach to rebranding a business, our team of experts creates tailored branding strategies that guarantee results.

There are lots of different elements to the rebranding process, including designing a new logo, creating new marketing materials and advertisements, shifting your brand positioning, and changing your brand’s voice.

It is worth noting that you don’t have to do all of the above, especially if you only require a partial rebranding, which is sometimes more suitable for more established businesses.

When rebranding your business, with or without the help of an agency, it can be beneficial to carry out the below steps.

  • Re-establish your target audience.

It is highly likely that your customers have changed over the years, so you need to carry out extensive market research and data analysis to establish who they are now. Once you have established this, you will be in a much better position to cater to their needs and outperform your competitors.

Redefine your company mission and values.

Take a look at your company mission and values. Do they still reflect the type of business you are today? Think about what you do, how you are doing it, and, most importantly, why you are doing it.

  • Rename your company.

Although this is not always necessary during a company rebranding, you may want to think about coming up with a new name for your company if your current one does not fit your new brand identity. It is worth noting that this can have a significant impact on brand recognition and online visibility, so be prepared for this.

Refresh your logo and/or brand slogan.

Again, this is not something that you have to do during a rebrand, but, in some cases, it can be beneficial to create a new logo or brand slogan to complement your new brand identity. Make sure you think carefully about your new color palette and typography.

  • Seek feedback.

When rebranding your business, you need to ensure that you gain feedback from your customers. Otherwise, you could be throwing good money after bad. Arrange focus groups to test any new imagery or messages, and if you don’t get positive feedback, then you may need to go back to the beginning.

Here at Anthem Branding, we are a Design and Branding Agency with a difference and promise to be with you every step of the way as you rebrand your business.

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