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Thoughtful branding and design inspired by the values of your brand

Thoughtful brand identity design inspired by the values of your brand is the key to creating a compelling and unparalleled brand identity, the distinctive parts that make your brand whole.

We work with brands to create exciting and authentic brand identities to help provide an elevated experience for their consumers.

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What is Brand Identity?

A brand identity is the outward expression of everything that a brand stands for-the entire reason for a brand’s being and is a critical component of a lasting and effective brand strategy.

With the help of a full-service agency like Anthem Branding, creating a brand identity starts by applying a strategic lens to your business’ growth plans, target audience, goals, objectives, and competitive landscape.

From there, we build an established, cohesive, and original aesthetic that works to bring your brand to life, differentiate it from the competition, and connect with your consumers.

A thoughtfully done and effective brand identity strategically developed by a trustworthy agency like Anthem Branding includes:

  • Unique brand qualities
  • The character traits of the brand’s personality
  • Core audience details
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • A holistic visual theme
  • Primary logo
  • Logo system
  • Supporting graphics
  • Brand kit and digital assets
How to Build a Brand Identity

A strong brand identity is formed around the story that brought the idea for your brand to life. The power of the story is remarkable in helping a brand streamline their narrative in order to humanize the brand, make it personal, and allow people to relate to it.

Simply put, your brand story should answer one question: Why do you exist?

Our brand strategists work with companies just starting out and those looking to either pivot into a new space or refresh their existing brand identity. They work closely with you to help you thoughtfully answer this starting question which will be the main compass for mapping out your brand mission, values, brand personality, voice and tone, and the unique nuances that help differentiate your brand.

Creating a Brand Identity

Creating a brand identity gives brands a complete rundown of the common purpose, common language, and common identity that forms the foundation of the brand itself -- what it sounds for, what it promises -- in order to ensure that every communication you make on behalf of the brand will be in line with the brand you’ve worked so diligently to create.

A brand’s foundation

  • The brand story
  • Mission and vision
  • Brand positioning
  • What makes the brand different
  • The character traits of your brand

Visual brand language system

  • Color palette
  • Logo and logo placement guidelines
  • Typography

Brand voice

  • The tone the brand emulates in its messaging
  • Consistent communication style
  • Feels true to brand values and personality
Bringing Your Brand Identity to Life

After taking your time to develop a thoughtful brand, understanding what makes it unique, it's personality and traits, the competitive landscape, and the aesthetics in place that authentically represents the brand, it's time to bring all of that work together into your brand identity strategy.

With a cohesive and consistently told brand identity, you can communicate your message and connect with your audience in a way that makes your brand stand out from the rest.

Our team of branding strategists and branding creative can work with you to develop each part of your brand identity and to then work in applying the strategy in all the ways in which you're getting the word out about your brand so you can rest assured your brand story remains authentic and distinguishing.

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