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Craft your brand as passionately as you craft beer. Create thoughtful custom beer labels to tell your brand’s story and help your delicious brews attract a buyer’s attention.

In a $116 billion market and over 8,000 breweries across the country, craft beer has nearly a 14% share of that market, bringing in some $29 billion in sales. Custom labels are more than just a way to let buyers know what kind of beer it is. They’re a powerful strategic tool for a brand to get the edge needed to stake a claim in the market no matter if you’re looking for custom beer can labels or custom beer bottle labels.

Custom Beer Labels

When it comes to craft beer branding, most breweries share a strong undertone of passion and purpose threaded through their brand narrative, or how they came to be; and it’s a narrative built with intention and connection — all in the name of well-brewed beer.

No matter a bottle or can, custom beer labels help not just the beer stand out but can also drive customer engagement through limited edition runs, for example, and bump brand loyalty and sales in the right direction. 

From label sizes, material types, graphic design, and printing techniques, and decoration methods, creating custom beer labels is an investment that is sure to return dividends to your brewery’s bottom line.

The branding possibilities with custom labels on cans to bottles due to their large 360-degree printable surface — creating a unique experience and different label options other types of packaging cannot. With high-quality digitally printed custom labels, your label designs can get as intricate and detailed as you’d like.

The flexibility and choices available for custom beer can and custom beer bottle labels is not a decision to make lightly. Here are some factors to take into consideration for your custom labels.

How to Make Custom Beer Labels

Making custom beer labels starts and ends with your product front and center. Layered with strategy, creativity, and various label logistics such as material types, inks, special effects, art techniques, and printing technology, your custom beer labels.

Custom Beer Label Inks and Printing Techniques

Depending on the overall vibe you’re looking to create with your custom beer labels, you can tap into a few additional effects to supplement your ideal experience with custom label inks and high-quality printing options.

There is a laundry list of inks for custom beer labels that have taken hold in the beverage can market, including:

Temperature-Sensitive Thermo Effect Inks

Brand graphics can become exposed and change color as the beverage is cold or warm — an engaging opportunity to do something surprising for the drinker built into your custom beer labels.

Variable Printed Labels

Design and print up to a dozen separate custom beer labels so you can create a different level of variety for a limited edition variety or a seasonal pack.

Tactile Touch

One of our favorite coating details for custom beer labels that offer a cool surprise and delight experience is adding a level of touch to the design. This type of custom beer can label creates raised textures around the can. It’s interactive, experiential, and is a fun way to highlight individual parts of the can.

Matte Effect

Applying a matte effect to your custom beer labels creates a flat, muted look that provides a feeling of trendy style and exclusivity to the overall aesthetic. Smooth to the touch, matte custom labels are interactive and adds a premium appeal that helps to differentiate your brand.

Custom Label Materials and Embellishments

Selections of materials for custom beer labels range, obviously, depending a lot on which surface the labels will adhere to and what kind of ink will be used. Some materials and embellishments to think about include:


  • Gloss paper
  • Uncoated paper
  • Textured paper
  • Clear and white films
  • Thermal paper and films
  • Linerless Wraps
  • Shrink Sleeves


  • Hot or cold foil
  • Silkscreen
  • Emboss
  • Textured coatings
  • Special effect inks
Custom Beer Bottle Labels

In order to stand out in a crowded marketplace, it's important that your packaging and branding design really jumps off the shelf and sticks in your consumer’s mind. Every client we work with is unique and so is their product.

Each label design system we create has its own unique and distinct style that speaks to the ethos of the craft beer brand, which is consistent with their core series in order to create a visual link for its consumers.

Glass packaging like beer bottles is expected to hold the largest market share, adding an authentic look to the overall aesthetic of the product while never altering the taste. Wrap your limited edition bomber line or small-batch brews with perfectly matched custom beer labels.

Attract the right kind of consumer to your beer brand, create an interactive and engaging experience, and enhance the visibility of your brand with custom beer labels for your craft beer.

Our team of professional illustrators and designers will work directly with you to learn the ins and outs of what makes your brand unique and work these details into a cohesive design system that takes your products to the next level. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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