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Industry Overview

Branding & Custom Packaging for Wines & Spirits

The wine and spirits industry is highly competitive, but with the right branding, it's much easier to ground your business and establish your presence. Gaining the market share you've targeted can be incredibly difficult, but with the right approach to brand identity, it becomes much easier to reach out to consumers and ensure that it's your alcoholic beverage that is chosen before others. As the wine and spirits industry faces new challenges from new sectors like the cannabis industry, the right approach to brand identity, and the packaging design of your delicious alcoholic beverages is more important than ever before.

Industry Challenge

The Challenges of Branding in the Wine and Spirits Industry

The alcoholic beverage is deeply ingrained in the habits and behaviors of the U.S. population. Despite threats from other intoxicants, the distilled spirits industry and the wine business continue to play a dominant role in our culture. However, to maintain consistency, beverage marketing needs to be aligned with brand identity. The spirits market and the market share of the US wine business has remained fairly level. This means spirit and wine branding is of particular importance to new wine businesses and distillers of spirits. Thanks to our successful work with spirit brands like Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey, we have the experience and the training to ensure that your distilled spirits and alcoholic beverage products are branded and marketed as effectively as possible.

Industry Solutions

Targeting Audiences

Wine consumers will require a different marketing approach than beer or spirit drinkers. That means your wine business will have to research those audiences that you plan to target. At Anthem Branding, we offer a full range of branding services that can identify key audiences, from wine drinkers to gift-buyers, to make sure that your wine packaging appeals specifically to the wine consumers you need. For distilled spirits, the approach can be very different but will still rely on audience awareness and a graphic designer that will tailor your branding to suit your product and your goals.

From a wine business with a brick and mortar store to a whiskey bottle distillery, no two wine or spirits businesses are the same. To make sure that you are getting your market share while growing your audience, talk to the team at Anthem Branding today.

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