Craft Brewing

Industry Overview

Branding & Custom Packaging for Craft Beers

The problem for a craft beer brewing company is that the sector is growing increasingly congested. For a craft brewery, the goal should be to develop a visual identity that distances them from other brewers and helps to build awareness of that brand identity. From logo design to social media assets and beer label design, there are a lot of opportunities for those craft beer makers that want their craft brewery to grow. Even with a fraction of the budget available to big-name brewers, marketing with a clearly defined brand strategy can quickly turn your brewing company into a name that consumers seek out. When it comes to beer marketing, having that defined brand identity is critical.

Industry Challenge

Challenges of Branding for a Craft Brewery

As well as having a good quality craft beer, every craft brewery needs to be aware of the importance of marketing. When it comes to marketing in the food and beverage sector, it's important that your branding stands out. With so much competition, the transition from fun and quirky brewery branding into a professional and credible brewer are essential for those brewers that want to grow their craft beer business. The right branding, based on your target audience and your growth goals, is the most effective way to accelerate that growth, building brand awareness and loyalty with every fresh beer label design and a social media strategy that embraces your brand identity and voice.

Industry Solutions

Brand Storytelling in a Craft Brewery

The more that you can include your customers in your brand's story, the more they will align with you and develop essential brand loyalty. That's why social media posts from happy customers showing off your custom beer labels are so valuable. A common mistake for craft beer makers is that they design their beer labels and consider the job of branding to be done. There are a lot more options to consider. From the packaging itself to the promotional coolers that will reinforce brand awareness every time they are used, we make sure that you get the beer marketing assets that will have tangible and long-lasting effects on your growth.

If you're looking at branding agencies and you want the best, contact Anthem Branding today. Our experience in the craft beer industry means that we are the experienced and professional option you need when it comes to growing your brewing company.

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