The difference between a beanie and a winter hat

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Ted Church
23 Aug 2022

Are you looking for a new hat?

One that you can wear throughout all the changing seasons.

If yes, you may be wondering what is the difference between winter hats and beanie hats?

While technically a beanie falls under the category of winter hats, there are several key differences between a beanie and other types of hats designed to keep the chill at bay.

Read on to discover the main differences between a beanie and a winter hat. Plus, how you can choose the right hat to see you through the cold weather months ahead.

Key Takeaways

Beanie vs. Winter Hat: A beanie is a type of brimless cap made from materials like polyester, acrylic, or wool, and is typically snug-fitting. It differs from other winter hats which can have various designs and features. Types of Winter Hats: Pom Hat: Similar to a beanie but with a fur pom-pom on top. Trapper Hat: Features ear flaps and fur, ideal for very cold weather. Deerstalker: Made from wool tweed, known for its traditional look. Winter Headbands: Not technically a hat but keeps head and ears warm, ideal for winter sports. Choosing the Right Hat: Consider practicality for warmth and style preferences. Custom hats offer personalized and bespoke options.

What is a beanie?

A beanie hat, most commonly referred to as a beanie but also referred to as beanie caps, is a type of brimless cap that hugs your head. Sometimes a beanie can have a visor, but in most cases, they do not.

Beanies are typically made from either polyester or acrylic. However, you can get ones that are made from other materials, such as the popular knit beanie, which is made from wool

Beanie hats are available in a wide range of colors and designs and can feature a fleece lining, turn-ups, and poms. You can even get custom beanies for a truly original look.

Although beanies have been around for a long time, they have only recently become fashionable year round, especially during the winter months when they can add style and comfort to lots of different outfits.

What is a winter hat?

There are many different types of winter hats, and some people categorize beanies as a winter hat.

Some of the most popular winter hats are:

Pom hat

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Very similar in design to a beanie, pom hats typically feature a fur pom pom right on the tip of the hat.

Pom hats are a very popular winter hat due to their fun design and ability to keep your head warm in even the coldest conditions.

These types of knit hats suit most face shapes and can be found in a wide variety of different colors.

Trapper hat

A trapper hat, also known as an aviator hat, is another type of hat that you see people wear in winter. Typically made from leather, trapper hats feature ear flaps designed to keep your ears warm when the temperature drops.

A trapper hat usually features fur on the forehead and the ear flaps for added warmth and aesthetic appeal.

If you live somewhere where the winters get very cold, this is the perfect winter hat for you.

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Have you heard of Sherlock Holmes? This famous detective was known for his love of a deerstalker hat.

Originally worn by folk who lived in rural areas and hunted deer, deerstalker hats are usually made from a wool tweed material that is lined with either satin or polished cotton.

One of the more popular men’s winter hats, deerstalkers are ideal for those who love a more traditional look.

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Winter headbands

Although a headband is not technically a winter hat, these accessories can help to keep your head warm, and they are also super stylish.

Ideal for those who want to add a bit of luxury to their outfit without wearing a full-on fur hat, winter headbands are typically made of wool or a light fleece material.

If you are a fan of winter sports such as skiing, then winter headbands can not only keep your head and your ears warm and toasty, but they can also be used to keep your hair out of your face. Plus, they are less likely to fall off when you are shooting off down the slopes.

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How to choose the perfect winter hat

When browsing winter hats and beanie hats, you need to think about both the practicality of a specific style of hat and how it is going to look.

Do you spend long periods outside in the winter? If yes, then you need a hat that is guaranteed to keep you warm.

Or do you want a winter hat that will compliment your outfits or work wear? In that case, you can pick any type of winter hat you want, including the ever-popular beanie hat!

For those that want something a bit different, custom hats are a great choice as they can be personalized and made completely bespoke.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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