Obermeyer Ski Jackets

The World’s First Down Jacket 

It’s a bluebird day up on the mountain. A storm just dumped pristine powder that is just begging for your skis to dig into. But if you’re not geared up with the right kind of equipment, not only your skis, boots, or bindings, but with the right outerwear, that beautiful day full of bliss can quickly vanish. 

With a custom Obermeyer ski jacket, you’ll wonder why every jacket in your closet isn’t made as well. While skiing and snowboarding can be a very technical sport to take on, it’s important to get your outerwear right for the best possible experience season after season.

Whether you have years of experience or are just starting out, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options out there for ski jackets and gear. From style and size to price, functionality, and product technology, many often settle on a subpar ski jacket that they will have to replace next season or even prematurely during the upcoming season. 

An Obermeyer ski jacket, however, is a top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art must-have piece of ski equipment to take time in customizing to fit your winter adventures perfectly. There is nothing worse than a poorly made ski jacket in the middle of a run or when an unexpected weather event comes rolling in. Whatever the case, let’s go over what makes an Obermeyer ski jacket the best choice without question.

Klaus Obermeyer

It all started in 1947 when Klaus Obermeyer, one of the original Aspen Ski School ski instructors on Aspen Mountain, was seeking to develop a product to keep his ski students on the hill for a full day without their clothing becoming soaked and uncomfortable. Being the engineer-minded person he’s known to be, Klaus used a down blanket to stitch together the very first down jacket of the kind. He hit the ground running from there creating other innovative outerwear such as dual constructed ski boots, the quilted down parka, ski sweaters, turtlenecks, and mirrored sunglasses.

Born in Oberstaaufen, Germany, Klaus moved from the Alps to Aspen, CO at the age of 28 and started the skiwear brand aimed to innovate apparel and equipment specifically tailored to outdoor winter skiers and snowboarders. So it’s no surprise then, that the U.S. National Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame inductee’s innovative, engineered, and fashion-conscious skiwear continues to be coveted and sought after by the most discerning consumers.

Obermeyer Ski Jackets

As the brand says, winter never felt so comfortable. Developed with the utmost attention to detail, Obermeyer ski jackets are technologically perfect. They undergo rigorous testing, research, development, and improvements based on real-life applications and use cases. Once you zip up an Obermeyer ski jacket, the thought, and care that went into making it a reality, can be felt throughout every single stitch. 

While Klaus developed a single ski jacket product originally, today the Obermeyer brand has a variety of custom ski jackets for men, women, and children, with new models released and refined each year for the different ways people choose to enjoy the outdoors during the winter. 

With over a dozen of jacket styles and one-of-a-kind features the Obermeyer ski jacket is a top-rated favorite and comes with state-of-art performance whatever the conditions. 

Functional Details Are the Leading Difference 

One of the most popular ski jacket styles Obermeyer is known for is the Cosima Down Jacket. The upper body is insulated with Allied Feather and Down 500 fill Powder Duck Down. The outer sleeves, lower body, and hood are insulated with Teramore Classic 115gm, a synthetic material, giving the jacket a flattering overall fit and shape. Made with a HydroBlock Pro technology, this Obermeyer ski jacket is fully waterproof, stain-resistant, and extremely breathable. 

Features that make these jackets really stand out include details such as a fleece-lined collar, controlled ventilation, removable water-resistant powder skirt, interior goggle pocket, and thumbhole inner cuffs. 

Another very popular winter ski jacket from Obermeyer is their Tuscany II line. Made with recycled plastics, this ski jacket has removable faux fur hood trim, extra-soft fleece-lined collar, and adjustable hem. With HydroBlock Sport technology for keeping dry all day long, the subtle, yet powerful and impressive features that we love include a detachable, scratch-free goggle cloth, handwarmer pockets, and an interior wind guard.

Anthem Branding x Obermeyer

Perhaps we are drawn to Obermeyer products like their custom ski jackets because we share a similar brand philosophy. Our collaboration with Obermeyer produces one-of-kind customized pieces that are truly remarkable. 

If you’re seeking a high-end retail quality and meticulously engineered item for your company, let’s connect on the endless ways we can customize an Obermeyer ski jacket collection that is sure to win over hearts and minds time and again, putting your brand alongside a name that Oprah Magazine, Time, and Vogue can’t stop raving about.

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