Custom Moleskine Notebooks & Branded Moleskine Notebooks


There’s nothing quite like a classic Moleskine notebook. Not only do they whisper of class and elegance, but they are also incredibly practical. Having branded Moleskine notebooks is the perfect addition to your workplace, whether it’s a home study where you're being creative or the boardroom where you need to take essential notes. The Moleskine brand is iconic and has been used by some of the world’s most famous entrepreneurs and creatives in the world. If you're looking for a brand to associate yours with, then custom Moleskine notebooks are the obvious choice. Custom branded Moleskine notebooks are timeless and classic and can be the perfect representation of your brand.

Custom Moleskine notebooks

We offer a wide range of customization options for your custom Moleskine notebooks. You can choose the color of the front or back of the Moleskine notebook so that it matches your company branding, and add your company logo too. Your Moleskine custom notebook can be altered on the inside as much as the outside too, with your corporate logo and branded Moleskine interiors available with customized and bespoke printed pages so that your brand messages can be even more in-depth and detailed. 

What is a Moleskine notebook?

Moleskine notebooks are more than simply a notebook. They’re objects that tell a story, and when you choose custom Moleskine notebooks, you’re aligning yourself with the values and history of the Moleskine name itself. The acid free paper in Moleskine notebooks makes it easy to write on and to erase pencil lines without leaving a mark, and all Moleskine products are of exceptionally high quality. Based on the design of the traditional black notebook used by people such as Hemingway, Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh, the Moleskine notebooks of today all have that timeless elegance and class that will perfectly complement your brand.

How many pages in a Moleskine classic notebook?

There are 240 pages in a classic Moleskine notebook. However, there are other Moleskine products that we can customize for you too, including the Expanded Version of the classic notebook. This version contains 400 pages, making it ideal for a promotional item or corporate gifts. Whether you opt for the classic or one of the alternative Moleskine notebook products, you will have plenty of space for your custom branded options.

What is a Moleskine Notebook used for?

As well as making notes or writing books, your Moleskine notebook can also be an essential part of your brand’s impact. A Moleskine custom notebook is the perfect way to make a statement about the values of your own company and can be used to improve employee engagement or act as part of a promotional item when you're about to launch a new product. There’s a level of prestige that you get with a custom Moleskine notebook, which you won’t get with cheaper versions or a generic notebook no matter how customized it is. Choosing a custom branded Moleskine means choosing quality.

What are Moleskine Notebook covers made of?

When you buy custom branded Moleskine notebooks, you can choose the material that the cover is made of. Moleskine notebooks come with a range of cover material options. Generally, the classic notebook style has a hard, polypropylene cover, while the softer covers made from polyurethane are just as durable. There are also Moleskine notebook collections with unique covers such as cardboard or some fabrics. Alternately, there’s the classic leather Moleskine notebook collection, which you can also have custom branded.

Custom Moleskine journals that are designed based on your own corporate branding are a vital addition to the company. Practical to use and stylish to hand out as a corporate gift when you're launching a new product range or negotiating with new suppliers, you can align your brand with the classic notebook that is renowned for high quality. When you combine that high quality with the custom Moleskine notebooks, you have a stylish and yet practical extension of your brand. Whether you're a creative, an entrepreneur, or running a global corporation, at Anthem Branding, we customize these classic notebooks so that it reflects who you are and what you're using the notebooks for. 

Contact us today to find out more about how we can turn your custom branded Moleskine notebook into a promotional item or practical tool that acts as an extension of your brand that your customers and clients will never forget.

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