How To Accessorize a Straw Hat

Do you have a straw hat in the back of your closet that is in need of a makeover?

While straw hats make a great summer accessory, some styles can be outdated and might need some sprucing up.

If your straw hat looks more ancient than contemporary, then the blog below is just what you need.

Read on to discover seven ways to create decorative straw hats from even the most basic summer hat.

Use ribbons

If you consider yourself to be a creative crafter and love summer crafts, then you more than likely have a few colorful ribbons lying around the house.

Ribbons are a simple yet highly effective way to jazz up a plain straw hat, and can be glued around the wide brim of your straw hat, or you could create a ribbon bow to sit at the front or back of your hat.

Attach flowers

For those that love the vintage look, flowers are the perfect way to accessorize and create bespoke decorated straw hats. When decorating straw hats with flowers, you will need to use a hot glue gun to ensure that they remain firmly in place.

For a long-lasting design, use artificial flowers, or, for a special occasion, you could attach real flowers that are in bloom to your hat. A hat decorated with flowers is sure to catch people’s attention.

Add necklaces

Do you have too many necklaces and not enough time to wear them? If so, you can put these unworn treasures to use by simply layering them over a straw hat.

For this to work, you need to choose necklaces that are elasticized as these are not in danger of slipping off. Don’t be afraid to layer multiple necklaces. The more, the better!

Clip on a pin or hair clip

If you favor a more minimalist look, then a simple pin or hair clip can be fixed to your straw hat for an instant upgrade.

The beauty of this method of decorating straw hats is that you can change your choice of pin or hair clip as many times as you want to.

Tie a belt or scarf around it

An easy and affordable way to make decorative straw hats from plain ones, just tie a belt or scarf around your hat, secure it with a knot, and you are good to go.

If you don’t have any spare belts or scarves, you might want to look around your local thrift store, where you can find some amazing bargains.

Adjourn a selection of badges

Who doesn’t love a badge or two? Offering a quick way to inject some of personality into an outfit, badges can be easily pinned onto your straw hat and, again, can be changed to match each new summer outfit.

If you don’t have the time to personalize your straw hat, check out these custom hats that promise to impress.

Dye it a different color

If you really want to transform the look of your straw hat, try dying it a different color! Not as hard as you may think, all you need to change the color of your straw hat is some liquid dye in your preferred shade, a color fixative, and some latex gloves.

And there you have it – seven simple ways to create decorated straw hats using items you already have in your home!