Helly Hansen rain jackets with your logo

Helly Hansen rain jackets make the perfect corporate gift. Clients love them. Employees love them.
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Full customization

We can customize and personalize rain jackets in almost any aspect, from custom embroidery to special printed logos. 

Anthem Branding is an exclusive corporate sales supplier of Helly Hansen. Our merchandise experts can help you create a run of hats that will make you proud.

With so many rain jacket options, we can create a run of rain jackets and outerwear perfect for your organization.

With premium materials and original designs, they’ll be a win for every client and employee. 

Company logo

We can put your brand logo on Helly Hansen equipment, apparel, and more

Company branding

Custom designs, illustrations, slogans, or other branding 


We can add custom striping, stitching, patches, embroidery, and much more

Custom outerwear

Your branding on any of Helly Hansen’s fabulous jackets and coats for men and women

Personalized gear

From dry bags to travel accessories, we can personalize any Helly Hansen equipment with your branding.

Customized apparel

Your message and branding on Helly Hansen T‑shirts, sweaters, hats, beanies, socks, and more.

Customized backpacks

Your logo on any of Helly Hansen’s outdoor or casual backpacks and bags.

Embellish your Helly Hansen rain jackets with your company logo.

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Decorate Helly Hansen rain jackets with your logo.

Talk to a design consultant today to customize Helly Hansen rain jackets.