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Industry Overview

If there's one industry that thrives on the consistency of its branding, it's the outdoor and lifestyle industries. With names like North Face, Helly Hansen, and Arc'Teryx all ensuring that their outdoor apparel is as well-designed as their brand messages, those that wish to compete in the great outdoors have to prioritize their branding. The outdoor and lifestyle apparel industries are huge, and growing year over year. When you're putting as much thought into brand development as you are into the design of your base layers, then you're ensuring that your custom outdoor clothing is working as hard as you are. Outdoor brands are particularly suited to full-service brand identity development, and at Anthem Branding, we have the experience you need.

Industry Challenge

Challenges for the Outdoor Lifestyle Industry

With such established brand names to compete against, you need your outdoor apparel to be an extension of your brand culture. That means a clear approach to the development of your brand voice. We've worked with some of the biggest outdoor lifestyle apparel names in the business, and our work with brands like Helly Hansen is a decisive look at how we can promote brands through custom outdoor apparel.

When customers need outdoor apparel, they look for custom outdoor clothing brands they can trust. Branding establishes credibility and fosters trust, making it easier to boost sales figures. Our collaboration with top outdoor brands includes a full-service development plan for the hugely popular Arc'Teryx. If you want your custom outdoor apparel to reflect the outdoor lifestyle, then you need a branding agency that knows the industry.
Industry Solutions

The Custom Outdoor Apparel and lifestyle markets for Men & Women continue to grow.

We make sure that your customers' time outdoors is a continuation of your sales process. When you design and manufacture the best in outdoor apparel, you want your customers to be an extension of your marketing strategy. With custom outdoor clothing, you and your customers benefit from great products that bear your logo and brand slogans. Don't avoid the importance of branding for custom outdoor apparel brands. Contact Anthem Branding today to find out how we can turn your outdoor clothing into the custom outdoor and lifestyle apparel that you and your customers need.

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