Creative Concepts: What is Brand Ethos?

A brand's ethos may sound like an abstract and elusive creative concept if you are unfamiliar with the term or the branding industry. When a brand's ethos is broken down, it represents the bare bones of a brand's identity and is essential for a brands success. What is ethos?

Derived from the Greek, ethos translates into character. In a brand context, its ethos is made up of the traits, culture, goals, mission, vision, and community it embodies.

In marketing, ethos is the connection between a brand and its audience. It succeeds when the perception of what a brand stands for matches consumer behavior. As brands, a strong ethos is what makes us authentic. Consumers evaluate brands based on their character and determine which brand has the most credibility and authenticity according to their lifestyle and beliefs.

Three ways to establish your brand's ethos

Identify your audience

With the use of buyer personas, which represent your ideal consumer(s), your brand should be able to identify your target audience. Your target audience should be able to be described with a list of adjectives that characterize their consumer habits and lifestyles.

Perception is a crucial factor that influences the consumer decision process. What your customers perceive about your brand is how they will feel about your products/services, so you want to establish an authentic and lasting connection.

Establish the brand's voice and tone

When it comes to establishing an authentic brand character, you need to consider your brand voice and tone. You can think of your tone to be formal or informal, playful, witty, professional, or casual - for example.

One example of a brand that has a formal tone is North Boulder Dental, a well-established local business offering high-quality dentistry services. Known for their exceptional service and staff, their brand ethos is comprised of being caring, professional, and trustworthy.

On the other hand, the Food Corps tone, a non-profit that connects kids with healthy food to encourage healthy lifestyles as they grow is more playful and conversational. They are a brand of action and a true force of change, connecting with schools and kids all over the the country.

Use compelling design

Elements of your brand's logo design should be used to visually demonstrate its ethos. The use of colors, typography, and your brand logo encompass a visual representation the brand's personality.

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