Creative Concepts: What Great Typography can do for your Brand

Typography represents the visual art of our language. It is a tool used to help convey emotion, and tone from a particular artists' perspective. In other words, it represents the kind of paint you choose to paint with. As a digital artist type is one of your mediums. In regards to brands, typography helps form a cohesive brand identity and logos are one of the most important written forms of information for a brand.

In this article, we will discuss four main advantages of great typography and what they can do for your brand.

  • Deliver Brand Ethos
  • Showcase Brand Personality
  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Add Brand Value

1. Deliver Your Brand Ethos

Typography represents the visual art of a brand's language, company culture, and it plays a very important role in creating or rebranding your brand's identity. Typography can be used to describe the tone of voice and desired target audience. Everything that a brand says is crucial to its' success, but the way they visually represent what they want to say must be authentic and thoughtful.

Alter Brewing Company is a diverse and passionate independent brewery based in Chicago, Illinois. As a company, they represent contemporary beer lovers that enjoy unique handcrafted beer and hanging with other members in their lively community of Downers Grove.

When drafting logos and typography styles, we wanted Alter's unique perspective and offerings to stand out among other craft breweries. Mia Huang, one of our Art Directors, says of the brainstorming process "you can get a lot of personality and nuance from typography, and you always want to consider who is looking at it when you are in the design process."

2. Showcase Your Brand Personality

A brand personality is not that of a company's CEO, and it's not defined by the personalities of the team members, either. A brand personality is a list of adjectives used to describe the desired brand perception by their target audience. Who would your brand be if they were a person, and how would you describe their personality?

The Food Corps brand can be described as innovative, helpful, youthful, dependable, and playful. Their mission is to "connect kids to healthy food in school, so they can lead healthier lives and reach their full potential." When designing their brand identity, our designers used a type that was recognizable, trustworthy, and youthful to visually translate the Food Corps mission and personality.

3. Build Brand Recognition

Brand recognition drives consumer choices, and the customers ability to identify brands and products. Having a cohesive type across all brand marketing channels enhances brand awareness and recognition. Keynote speaker, Pam Moore, says "on average, 5 to 7 brand impressions are necessary before someone will remember your brand." During those brief impressions, your brand needs to make along lasting impression on potential customers. One of the key components is having an authentic use of typography.

The Nike Swoosh is one of the largest globally recognizable brand logos, and over time, they didn't need the distinction of the type "Nike" above the Swoosh because consumers have already recognized the logo, type, personality, and brand ethos of Nike. That is the ultimate power of successful visual brand representation.

4. Add Brand Value

Brand value can be described as the value that customers are willing to pay for a particular brand, depending on their perception of a particular brand. With recognizable typography, potential customers will identify your brand, and pay for the value that the brand brings into their lives.

Okay, now that we understand the importance of typography and what it can do for your brand, what's next?