5 Event Branding Tips

Events have three distinct parts to focus on:

  1. Preparation and planning
  2. Execution of the event itself
  3. Analysis and follow-up

Each of these parts has at least one major aspect that must remain consistent throughout — branding.

Here are five event branding tips our brand strategists recommend for every event, no matter the type, to be successful.

1. Know Your Brand Identity

This may sound basic, but it’s sometimes shocking to go to an event and see a brand that is sliced and diced into different identities. One salesperson has a business card with an old logo, for example, or there is outdated marketing collateral being handed out.

Ensure that if you’ve undergone a rebrand or done any visual updates to any aspect of the brand’s identity, that not only all aspects are aligned design-wise, but the event team’s tools are updated as well. Don’t overlook any event-specific custom promotional products you may be handing out as well.

Event planners, producers, or merchandisers would shudder to see their team sporting a shirt from last year’s conference; all of that attentive branding and strategy for this year’s event would be at risk for falling flat.

2. Create an omnichannel marketing experience

Fostering an omnichannel marketing experience is a marketing phrase that simply means to integrate and unite the experience no matter how a person interacts with the brand.

Given this, the company’s website, social media accounts, brick-and-mortar, and online stores — anywhere the brand is represented — should all offer the same close-knit experience.

Those who interact with your brand on any of these channels should all have a clear understanding of your brand, who you are, and why they should care.

A disconnection between any of them contributes to brand confusion and puts loyalty and awareness two steps behind.

Having a solid brand identity and representation with a brand asset collection is a must for creating a lasting and effective omnichannel experience.

3. Create an event theme

If you’re in the midst of planning a company event, stick to one visual theme for all of the collateral, while still making sure the overall branding is consistent.

Here is an example of creative branding work for the Emergency Family Assistance Association in Boulder (EFAA) we designed to promote an upcoming fundraising event under a specific theme, Night At The Derby.

When planning a recurring event, for example, consider launching a new theme for each year to help build hype, anticipation, and following.

4. Work with one agency to produce creative and premium products

Consistency is key for building a lasting and memorable impression on existing customers and new opportunities.

If you’re working with multiple vendors for custom merchandise and premium products — say, for pre-show outreach, giveaways, booth attraction, or event follow-up — it could cause the various deliverables to be off-brand, produced on different timelines, and more difficult on you to manage. By working with just one partner that can help out in multiple areas, you can rest assured knowing there will be precise brand color matching and high-end production quality; all of your brand assets will all look and feel the same versus risking creating a disjointed experience.

Plus, with all you have to manage, it’s easier for you to work with just one point-of-contact you can trust and rely on.

We’re talking about things like hang tags, packaging design, and distribution of branded custom apparel and premium products.

Private label design creates awesome opportunities to further showcase your brand, expose marketing messaging, tell your brand story, and keep the experience alive longer.

This overlooked aspect is a subtle, yet effective way to cut through the noise and catch the attention of your audience.

Consistent branding sets you up for success

With these tips in mind, you and the team will be able to hyperfocus on networking with high-value prospects and existing clientele.

Contact one of our brand strategists and custom merchandise experts to get ideas on what is going to make your brand shine and how to truly stand out from the crowd by getting to know your brand, its audience, the event’s objectives, and your goals.