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End-to-End Swag Store Solutions for a Seamless Experience

Showing off your brand with branded merchandise, company swag, and custom items has never been easier with an Anthem Branding online swag store. Long gone are the days of trying to figure out the many moving parts of getting your custom items into a company store and distributed to their intended audience.

We take the same approach in building our clients’ swag stores as we do when we produce custom branded promotional products, branded merchandise, and quality apparel — it’s all in the name of creating authentic brand experiences with lasting connections.

Marketing leaders, HR professionals, brand managers, event planners, and merchandise managers — to list just a few — in both B2B and B2C spaces trust the Anthem Branding swag store solution to meet and exceed their business goals and objectives.

Curated Products For Your Swag Store or Shop

We are a team of cool hunters, creators, curators, and connectors born to design with purpose. That means that what we create together will be not just equal parts beauty and strategy, but every custom item we create together for your swag store will speak to your brand’s unique ethos, have surprise and delight details, and spark something deeper and more meaningful.

Don’t fear that your products in the swag store aren’t going to sell, go stale, or fall flat. With Anthem Branding’s decade and then some in-the-field expertise in creating and producing custom promotional products, merchandise, and apparel — the creative potential of your swag store is great. Push the limits. Create new boundaries. Bring your brand to life the way you’ve always wanted to.

Your Strategic Swag Store Partner

Clients tell us time and again they value and benefit from the level of guidance and insight we provide to each and every project. When you build your swag store with our team by your side, we help you understand your options and choose a store solution that’s the best fit for your budget and goals.

"Working with the Anthem team on a pop-up store for a celebratory employee gift made this one of the easier initiatives I’ve had to execute. The team is thorough, creative, and does a lot of the leg work, making it a breeze to create. Our employees loved the products, designs, and the online user experience!"
- JENNA MULDOON, Director, Workplace Experience at Automotive Mastermind

Company Stores

Catalog Site | Basic Company Store | Advanced Company Store

Company stores are a great solution for giving employees the opportunity to purchase retail-quality custom company branded merchandise on a single quantity basis.

Different levels of features are available depending on the type of company store you choose to build. Reach out to our team to learn more about available features and add-on feature sets to see which may be right for you. Here’s the complete feature run-down.

Simple Stores

Simple Stores Site | Redemption Sites

Perfect for “pop-up” style swag shops such as seasonal shops for holiday orders, uniform ordering, fundraising — simple stores are a great temporary solution for brands who don’t need a full-blown company store.

Simple store features, like company store features, are based on the level of the simple swag stores you may choose to build. Reach out to our team to learn more about available features and add-on feature sets to see which may be right for you. Here’s the complete feature run-down.

Single Page StorefrontProduct Logo/Artwork Finalization
Set-Up Assistant
Personalization Field
Countdown ClockTeam Sales Fields
Order GoalStorefront Artwork Selection
ProductsCheckout Page
Product OptionsEmail Marketing
Report Suite & Custom ReportsShipping
Sales TaxPayment Methods
Swag Store Programs

With the logical process of standing up a store and managing it from end-to-end is taken care of, you can dial in on the various strategic ways to use them to hit your company goals.

Let us handle the process of setting up the store and managing it from end-to-end so that you can strategically use it to hit your company goals.

Brand Fans

Stay connected with its brand fans with an online swag shop. Keep engaged with your loyalists by offering an exclusive brand fan line of custom-branded items!

Employee Onboarding & Recognition

Welcome new employees by showing them how to order company gear and supply them with a new employee promo code or gift certificate for a free or discounted item!

Have a team or team member that is crushing their goals? Launch a recognition line of items that sends a message the hard work is seen, heard, and valued.

Tradeshows and Conferences

Have a laundry list of events planned for the year? In-person or virtual, company-branded promos, printed collateral, and accessories curated for specific events streamline the process of extending your brand identity consistently with each and every event. Event teams can easily order pre-approved branded apparel, personalize it, and snag promotional items to hand out as they’re needed.

Influencer Kits

Build a collection of branded items for influencers to easily order items in their exact size and ship the entire kit directly to where they are. Create an interactive and engaging experience for your influencers with custom-designed packaging for stellar unboxing content to hit your social media channels.

Brand Ambassador Gear

Take hold of your social selling strategies and build a virtual brand ambassador storefront to increase brand reach, awareness and bump customer engagement. Hook your brand ambassadors up with the gear they need to get the word out and people talking. As the face of your brand, you want to ensure they not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Give them items that they can brag about and show off to their networks.

Corporate Gifting

Online company stores make corporate gifting a breeze. We can put together a gift package that hits the mark for your budget, brand style, and employee taste, and configure the online experience so ordering is straightforward. We can control minimum and maximum quantities, available sizing, drop shipping, and a secure checkout process.

Incentives and Prizes

Add one-of-kind promotional items to incentive and/or reward employees. For marketers, the barriers of tracking, curating, and sending company swag to winners of a social media campaign or brand awareness contests are removed. Control the branding, the items, and overall experience for internal and external audiences!

Sales Team Resource

Do you have a large multiple location sales team that set the benchmark for frequent flyer points? Give them more carry-on space and create an online company store where they can order branded collateral, extra business cards, and high-quality promotional items to leave with prospects or clients. Maintain brand consistency, eliminate the risk of items being forgotten or lost, and set your sales team up for continued success.

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