How to Build an Effective Brand Promise

When building any successful business or company, you’re also building a brand. That brand in itself needs to deliver a certain consistent experience to all its customers in order to garner a positive reputation. The higher you build your business, the more customers expect you to deliver an effective brand promise, each and every time. This is achieved through who you are and what you do.

What is a Brand Promise?

Think of a big company that you might use regularly or which is known throughout the globe. Now consider what you’ve come to expect from them, their products, and their service, each and every time. With their brand comes a certain expectation for the overall customer experience. This is a successful company acting on their promise and consistently delivering on exactly what they say they will.

When exploring the question ‘what is a brand promise?’ it’s all about the brand experience. As a business, companies need to make it clear what their customers can expect from their services as part of their marketing and corporate strategy. The more a brand can consistently deliver on their advertised brand promise, the larger its value will grow in the eyes of its customers.

Examples of Big Brand Promises

There are many large companies that make an effective brand promise. As one of the most well-known soft drinks, Coca-Cola has built up a reputation spanning through history, with a name many consumers have learned to trust. This is a prime example of a successful brand, but not only because of its success with soft drink sales.

Coca-Cola’s promise isn’t actually directly related to delivering high-quality soft drinks, in fact; instead, it promises to “refresh the world in mind, body, and spirit.” This is a key example of how a brand promise can incorporate a mindset and lifestyle ideal rather than just a focus on a high-quality product.

Another example is Geico Car Insurance. Geico famously claims to be able to save you 15 percent on car insurance. If this becomes true for every single customer, then Geico builds a brand promise centered on the fact that they can always save you 15 or more on car insurance. The idea of 15 minutes being all it takes for customers to save extra also became part of their company slogan.

These companies show that to create a brand promise consumers can rely on, you need a certain set of values, ideas, or gains to be made through choosing your company.

What is a Brand Promise for Employees?

The idea of a brand promise also extends further than the customer experience. It also applies to what employees can expect when working for a certain company. Certain brands can put value on a supportive and passionate working environment, showing that a brand promise incorporates absolutely everything a company does, from its employees and working environment to its ethos and customer service.

What is a Brand Promise for Businesses? How Can You Build One?

To grow a competitive business that maintains a strong brand image, you need to best understand what makes your company unique, what service you can dependably deliver, and how you can reach your target market. Make sure that your product or service incorporates your brand promise in every way.

To build a successful brand promise, think about:

  • What your brand is. When deciding on your brand promise for your company, you first need to know what your brand is. Concentrate on actions and planning to build a brand your target market will be attracted to, and then you can develop your values from there.
  • Making it simple. A brand promise doesn’t have to be complex or tell your customers that you will impossibly go above and beyond or sound extremely wordy. As long as you can make a promise which is credible and which you can always deliver on, it doesn’t matter how simple it may seem.
  • Making it unique. When you’re up against competitors in a tough business market, a brand promise that can make you stand out from the crowd is something that can single you out by your tagline or promise alone, which will stick in the minds of consumers.

Using specialized branding agency services can also help you to understand what your business needs to do to succeed with its brand, and also take advantage of expert advice which can help your brand promise thrive and grow.

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