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Create a Lasting Impression

Custom label design is essentially like giving your product a permanent salesperson that’s out there for the world to see, representing your brand amongst the masses.

Just as you wouldn’t just hire every applicant that applies to be on your sales team, putting time and thought into a product label design that authentically exhibits not just the product it houses, but the brand behind it is the most effective way to reach your ideal buyers.

Product label design is in some respects on the front line of differentiating your product from others it’s potentially sharing shelf space with. The front runner is starting to tap into the narrative of your brand story.

Tailored Product Label Design

Product label design, when tailored to your brand and product, is vital in setting the right perception for your product and what your brand is all about — and needs to do so quickly to not just get the attention but keep the attention of your buyers.

We have over a decade of experience in strategically designing, sourcing, producing, and printing bottle labels, can labels, food labels, and even items like candle labels. We firmly believe that custom products deserve nothing less than state-of-the-art labels and packaging. And dressing your product in anything but their Sunday best, so to speak, consistently dignifies your brand.

Product Label Design

With the rise of online shopping and e-commerce, generally speaking, combined with the impact the COVID pandemic has had on retailers and business models, having specially made product label design on your products helps to craft an important point in your buyer’s journey.

As many consumers opt-in for online shopping as the new default, product label design is vital in helping to create and build engagement. And with so many more retailers shipping out their products over a mix with in-person shopping, custom product labels can act as a traveling salesperson with touchpoints like roll labels that can be used on the outside of the shipping box to catch the eye.

Deliver an uthentic brand Experience

Our team of branding experts can work with you to fine-tune your packaging story down to every detail.

Custom product labels accomplish many things when they are strategically crafted:

  • Tell your brand story
  • Share vital product information with the buyer
  • Connect with your customer
  • Establish and build trust
  • Differentiate your brand and product

Deliver an authentic brand experience to your consumer with every detail of your product label design.

Label Materials

A product label design can make or break depending on the material of the label. Additionally, the label material can help extend a brand message -- like a commitment to sustainability, for example — with the use of eco-friendly and recyclable label materials. Here are some popular materials that your custom labels can be made from:

  • Oil and water-resistant labels usually made from a polypropylene material base
  • Removable with a less aggressive adhesive like vinyl
  • Weatherproof with a thicker polypropylene for added strength and durability
  • Paper stocks such as gloss or satin cloth
  • Eco-friendly like biostone, kraft (recycled), or vellum
  • Laminates including high gloss, matte, or UV

Our designers can help you align your custom design with the right label material and look at the differences by sampling any you’d like.

How to Design a Product Label?

There is no formulaic approach to product label design however, there are some best practices our team applies when kicking off a new labeling project.

Memorable Visuals

The difference between good and great product label design is the visuals. Grab your buyer’s attention with a distinct icon, bold color palettes, or even a repeated patter -- something that’s immediately appealing and eye-catching. We find that this sometimes may mean that your brand is “louder” than others on the shelf, but other times, it’s more effective with a subtle, simple design.


Another aspect of successful and effective product label design is when brands stand back and walk through the buyer’s shoes by creating an opportunity to be interactive.

Using some creative thinking and keeping your ideal buyer in mind, leverage different techniques like die-cutting and professional graphic design. For example, your entire portfolio of cusotm products can connect by way of their product label design. Another way is to carry over aspects of your product design into the label itself.

Every detail should further your brand story and message while tapping into your brand’s color palette and personality traits.

Be Clear About What You’re Selling

If it’s unclear how to use your product, people won’t buy it. If you’re selling a disruptive or new product, how it’s packaged can be used to educate and clearly communicate its differences.

Explain what the product is, what it’s for, and how the hell you’re supposed to use it. Sometimes we find ourselves too close to something, the meaning and purpose get lost; keep it simple. Give consumers enough context and even a little inspiration so they can see it fitting into their lifestyle and become eager to give it a try.

Brand Recognition Depends on the Presence

Color choice, label material, printing style, shape, orientation are all factors that can impact the viability of product label design. Getting this combination locked down to meet the guidelines of your brand identity and vibe will be a leading force in transforming your brand. Part art and part strategic mapping, product label design depends on creating an impression that lasts.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How to design a label for a food product?

    There is no formulaic approach to product label design however, there are some best practices our team applies when kicking off a new labeling project.

  • How to design a product label?

    There is no formulaic approach to product label design however, there are some best practices our team applies when kicking off a new labeling project.