About This Project

Riversmith, with its deep-rooted passion for fly fishing and commitment to quality, has earned a reputation as a leading brand in the industry. This partnership aimed to craft a hat that would elevate the fly fishing experience while embodying the spirit of exploration and adventure.

Each customization element was carefully chosen to make the hat a truly spectacular accessory. The molded rubber patch, prominently featuring the Riversmith logo, served as the centerpiece, showcasing the brand's authenticity and dedication to craftsmanship. The accent brim rope, carefully integrated into the design, added a touch of outdoor ruggedness.

Furthermore, the direct embroidery, with its intricate detailing, offered subtle yet stylish embellishments that resonated with the fly fishing community. The woven interior label not only displayed the collaboration's combined branding efforts but also added an element of finesse. Lastly, the printed interior taping, an often overlooked detail, elevated the hat's overall aesthetic while providing a luxurious feel that makes every moment of wearing it a delightful experience.

The seamless blend of Riversmith's fly fishing expertise and Anthem Branding's dedication to superior craftsmanship resulted in a hat that not only complemented the anglers' attire but also became a symbol of their shared love for the sport and the great outdoors. With its unique customizations and attention to detail, these hats are an indispensable accessory for fly fishing enthusiasts, adding both style and substance to their adventures on the riverbanks and beyond.

Customizations include:

  • Molded Rubber Patch
  • Accent Brim Rope
  • Direct Embroidery
  • Woven Interior Label
  • Printed Interior Taping
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Riversmith Custom 6 Panel Hats