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Based in Denver Colorado, Oso Rojo is dedicated to the creation of hot sauces that prioritize flavor over mere heat. Their mission revolves around enhancing the dining experience by adding a delightful kick to meals, and perhaps even inspiring customers to build whole culinary creations around their sauces. The team at Oso Rojo understands the universal desire for that perfect hot sauce accompaniment, and they are committed to delivering just that.

Oso Rojo's sauces are a testament to the perfect balance of flavor and spice. They are meticulously crafted to complement a wide range of dishes, making hot sauce a versatile addition to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With a diverse range of flavor profiles in each of their sauces, customers can mix and match to their heart's content, enhancing their favorite meals throughout the day.

The Oso Rojo team is passionate about exploring global cuisines and the art of spice from different cultures. This passion fuels their journey to create the most delicious hot sauces possible. More than just condiments; each sauce tells its' own unique story and boast distinct flavor profiles, inspired by the rich tapestry of global culinary traditions.

We partnered with the team at Oso Rojo to create a couple different custom hats to help tell their brand story. The first is a cream tie-dye bucket hat with a step-and-repeat pattern of the Oso Rojo red bear and direct embroidery. We also created a 5 panel hat with a custom woven patch and accent rope. These bright, eye-catching hats are fantastic complement to the bright and fiery Oso Rojo sauces.

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Oso Rojo Custom Hats