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Anthem Branding has created yet another collection of custom merchandise & apparel for Dogwalkers pre-rolls - check out our 2022 collection! Dogwalkers, known for their commitment to quality and animal welfare, found an invaluable partner in Anthem Branding, whose expertise in creating customized products perfectly complements the brand's ethos.

Dogwalkers cannabis pre-rolls are a celebration of the simple joys of leisurely strolls with your canine companion, and this spirit is beautifully encapsulated in the merchandise collection designed by Anthem Branding.

Anthem Branding's attention to detail shines through in the sleek and stylish apparel and accessories they've created for the organization. These custom-branded products are not just about aesthetics; they reflect a deeper connection to the brand's values and its dedication to supporting animals in need. Each purchase of these items not only elevates your style but also contributes to a worthy cause, making the collaboration between Dogwalkers and Anthem Branding a win-win for both the consumers and the animals they aim to help.

This exclusive collection includes:

  • Screen Printed T-Shirt
  • Screen Printed Hoodie
  • Collapsible Dog Bowl
  • Retractable Dog Leash
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Dogwalkers Pre-Rolls 2023 Merchandise + Apparel Collection

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