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At Anthem Branding, our longstanding collaboration with Chipotle has evolved into a dynamic partnership rooted in creativity and shared values. Over the years, we have worked together to amplify the Chipotle brand through various innovative projects that seamlessly blend design and functionality. Our most recent endeavor, the creation of custom Chipotle-branded pickleball paddles, is a testament to the depth of our collaboration. By fusing our design expertise with Chipotle's distinctive brand elements, we've crafted a collection that not only embodies the essence of Chipotle but also showcases the quality that arises from our collaborative synergy. These pickleball paddles stand as a vibrant symbol of our commitment to delivering unique, high-quality products that resonate with both Chipotle enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts alike. This project exemplifies how our partnership has blossomed over time, consistently producing remarkable results that captivate audiences and elevate the Chipotle brand to new heights.

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Chipotle Pickleball Paddle Set

Newport Beach