Chipotle Continues to Cultivate Better Merch with the Launch of New Custom Swag Line

Our good friends at Chipotle Mexican Grill have gone above and beyond thinking of unique ways to tell their brand story and live up to its company values: to cultivate a better world.

Chipotle Goods is the brand’s new online merch shop that has a killer line-up of pieces, each subtly designed in a way that highlights the Chipotle brand values such as using real ingredients and maintaining a high level of quality at all times.

“We know people are looking to celebrate their passion for Chipotle, and we set out to create a line of products with the same level of thoughtfulness, care, and attention to detail that we use in our kitchens,” Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s chief marketing officer said in a statement.

The apparel line is dyed with upcycled avocado pits from it’s restaurants and all profits from the Chipotle Goods store go toward supporting organizations whose mission is helping the fashion and farming industries operate more sustainably.

The line is focused on size inclusivity, gender neutral pieces and features unisex sizing on most products.

Chipotle brand values

Chipotle was born of the radical belief that there is a connection between how food is raised and prepared, and how it tastes. Real is better. Better for you, Better for People, Better for Our Planet. It may be the hard way to do things, but it's the right way.

  • Being real means making food fresh every day.
  • Being real means we only use 53 ingredients you can pronounce.
  • Being real means being committed to goals on local and organic produce, using only responsibly raised meat with some of the highest animal welfare standards in the world.
  • Being real means fighting for our planet.
  • Being real means treating our people right.

Chipotle Goods custom merchandise and apparel is a tactile way to bring its values to life

We partnered with Chipotle to create a handful of the custom pieces available for sale in the online shop.

“What is really great about these pieces and working through each and every detail of them is that every one of those details serves a function and plays a pivotal role in helping the brand work towards living out its mission,” says Lindsey Strayer, Anthem’s account manager for Chipotle.

“The strategic use of tactile design and premium item selection, allows for Chipotle brand fans to be stoked about the gear, but also gives opportunity to display brand pride and loyalty while giving back to the greater good and helping to shape the future conversation around sustainable fashion and farming,” says Anthem’s Co-founder and Principal Ted Church.

Here are the items we helped to curate and custom design alongside the Chipotle team:

Chipotle 5 Panel Hat Collection

Foil Weekender and Gym Bag

Reusable Chipotle Lunch Bag

Baby Blanket

Phone Cases

Beach Sliders

Shop the full collection!

Let’s create something together

This project is one of our best recent examples that showcases how your brand’s ethos — the backbone of what stands your brand up — can be brought to life in creative and tangible ways using custom apparel, hats, and premium promotional products.

It’s a struggle sometimes to share exactly what that kind of message actually means given that every brand is unique. We don’t take a formulaic approach when it comes to tactile design and it’s certainly not a one-size-fits-all logo-centric approach; it’s as nuanced as your brand is.

The Chipotle Goods project, however, is the epitome of design thinking, pulling out those core authentic threads in engaging ways that build your brand and excite your consumers.

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