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Based in southeast Georgia, Cady Studios has been capturing school portraits for nearly 40 years. Their unique approach of combining special effects, state-of-the-art studio spaces, and top-notch photographers have made them an industry pioneer. Whether it’s a class yearbook photo or a senior portrait, their work helps families around the country cherish and remember school events and experience.

One item in a recent merchandise collection we partnered with the family-owned photography brand to create includes crossbody bags that help their photography team of movers and shakers represent the brand out while out on shoots while being a functionally stylish way to carry their gear.

Customizations include:

  • The Cady logomark applied on the front of the bag using a high density black-on-black tonal screen print method
  • For a pop of color, we leveraged a magenta pink that is part of their visual brand identity
  • The interior lining features a subtle step-and-repeat logo maker design
  • Woven clamp tag with Cady logo for added brand exposure
  • Multiple gear pockets with reinforced silicone zipper pulls for easy one-handed access
  • Rugged nylon material for the entire body of the bag for ultimate protection and durability
  • Adjustable body strap for size versatility
  • Hefty strap buckle for a peace of mind the bag will stay on your person without any risk of it becoming loose and potentially damaging the equipment inside
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Custom Crossbody Bags for Cady Studios