2024 Most Popular Promotional Bags

This Year’s Most Popular Styles

With so many options available for brands to invest in promotional products, there’s plenty of rhyme behind the reason that custom promotional bags have continued to be a popular go-to for brands.

When it comes to thinking about effective promotional products there are a few spot checks to do in order to make the most out of your investment:

  • Is it within your budget
  • Is it useful and relevant
  • Do you have plenty of room and creativity to expose and display your brand
  • Is it popular with your audience segments
  • Does it fit into your promotional product strategy
  • Can it be used in multiple scenarios such as a giveaway time, a customer thank you, or a recruiting tool
  • How customizable is it

Promotional bags often hit these marks and more. Affordable, high-quality, with plenty of real estate to show off your brand, and lots of creative styles, they’re a no-brainer addition and upgrade to your promotional product lineup. Let’s dive into some details that will help you see how custom tote bags can benefit your business.

Cotton & Cork Tote Bags

Vegan and eco-friendly, cork makes a great leather alternative. Cork has a soft hand feel and packs in quality and durability. Similar to the unique nuances of worn leather, no two cork tote bags are the same. After the cork is harvested and processed, the material is extremely light, water-resistant, and withstands everyday wear and tear phenomenally well.

Aesthetically, the minimalist and clean vibes cork can bring to custom tote bags are unlike any other material like canvas or nylon. It carries its own character because it contains a waxy substance called suberin, dubbed as the “biopolyester” of plants, adding a microbial and biodegradable aspect to the material.

Mission Backpack

The ultimate backpack choice, the Mission Pack can carry anything from yoga mats and skateboards to a six-pack of beer or some wine. Can't forget safe device storage, but don’t fret, there’s plenty of tech-friendly pockets in this extra-large bag. Water repellent material makes this promotional bag a great option for commuters, fitness lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventurers.

Danville Duffel

With a 35L capacity, the Danville Duffel combines mediums like vegan leather, cotton canvas, and brass hardware to create a rustic and rugged look. Larger items like jackets and shoes fit with room to spare. Customize this excellent promotional bag with your brand using a laser etching technique on the bag’s brass plate for a sophisticated display that compliments the bag’s vibes and be seen wherever it goes!

Lunch Cooler

This simple and minimalist cooler bag is the perfect companion for hiking, picnics, and short trips around town. Modern and made from recycled water bottles, this promotional bag is an eco-friendly option to add to your bag line. Easy stowaway with a front hook and more storage with a loop closure pocket, you can customize this promotional backpack with heat transfer designs or get more detailed with custom embroidery.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Can you make custom Tote Bags?

      Yes. We have a global network of factory partners that allow us to produce custom cut & sew tote bags to your specifications.

    • What is your minimum order?

      Typically our minimum orders start at 300 pieces for custom made bags, depending on the bag style. For existing bag styles that just require decoration, min orders typically start at 50 units. Please contact a member of our team to discuss specific details and to explore options.