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At Anthem Branding, we were stoked to team up with The Boulder Bookstore, a local gem dating back to 1973. Our task? Design custom merchandise reflecting the store's cozy vibe and love for literature.

Inspired by The Boulder Bookstore's warmth, we carefully created tote bags and t-shirts that were both stylish and practical. The tote bags, with the store's logo on durable canvas, became must-haves for bookworms on the move. Our fun t-shirt designs are absolute essentials as well!

Our collaboration wasn't just about merchandise; it celebrated literature, community, and the charm of physical bookstores. Our designs flew off the shelves, embodying the store's legacy and connecting with its customers. Together, we shared a story that captures what makes The Boulder Bookstore a beloved local spot.

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Boulder Bookstore - Tees & Tote Bags