About This Project

As highlighted in our official "Anthem Branding Custom vs. Industry Custom" video, Anthem Branding aims to provide clients with a direct reflection of their vision. Patches, direct embroidery, hidden labels & taping… you name it, we’ll tackle it. This 6 panel hat for BLNK FACE stands as an emblem of the attention to detail and quality that we pride ourselves in providing as a branding agency.

BLNK FACE is committed to creating and providing streetwear that is unique, meticulous, and fashionable. Their mission statement leans into the power of choice & choosing your unique method of self expression: “A blank face represents that choice because you get to fill it in how you see fit. With BLNK FACE, you can BE WHO YOU WANT!”

This 6-panel hat, artfully designed exclusively for BLNK FACE, captures the core concept of authentic personalization. Each aspect, from the selection of high-quality materials to the intricate design elements, mirrors our dedication to crafting items that align with our customers' distinct visions and tastes. This cap, with its distinctive attributes and superior craftsmanship, symbolizes the pinnacle of personalized branding and fashion.

Decorations include:

  • 3D Puff Embroidery
  • Direct Embroidery
  • Woven Patch + Merrowed Edge
  • Woven Interior Label
  • Printed Interior Taping

The signature hat is now available for purchase exclusively here.

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6 Panel Full Fabric Hats for BLNK FACE