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Branding for CBD & Cannabis Industries

Cannabis, hemp, and CBD products have been used for centuries, but in terms of being legal, they are a new industry. A new CBD business has to be able to make an impact from the moment it launches, and with the huge numbers of businesses opening in the United States, it's more important than ever that those companies prioritize branding. From CBD marketing to long-term branding strategies that will help a cannabis business remain visible despite the growing number of competitors, the right logo design and promotional items are more important than ever. At Anthem Branding, we understand the unique challenges of the cannabis and CBD industries and can help ensure that you stand out long term.


The Cannabis and CBD Industry Challenges

All industries have their unique challenges, and the cannabis and CBD industry is no different. The good news is that it is a new sector that allows for a huge number of potential branding avenues to explore. Cannabis retailers can benefit from a unique range of promotional products, while CBD products and their packaging can be designed to suit your brand's tone of voice and culture. One of the key areas that we will focus on for a CBD business is making sure that all FDA approved products are clearly branded as such, adding credibility that only reinforces your branding goals.


Packaging and Marketing in the Cannabis and CBD Industry

Whether you're sticking to digital marketing or utilizing traditional media as well, your branding needs to be consistent across every channel. It shouldn't end there, though. Your product packaging design is part of the sales process and needs to be treated as such. Far too many companies neglect their packaging and suffer as a result. From the packaging materials to the product label designs, we help you to create the perfect packaging design that extends your branding and makes product delivery as much a part of the buying experience as real-world browsing in a store. Whether you have brick and mortar outlets or you're online-only, your promotional items and packaging design choices are a key part of your branding strategy.

When your products have been FDA approved, your long term business strategy is flawless, and your CBD business is making sales, branding amplifies your voice and makes sure that you are both seen and remembered. Contact the team at Anthem Branding today to find out more about how we can help your CBD business and cannabis outlet grow.

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