About This Project

When tasked with encapsulating a brand’s essence into a collection of merchandise, it’s crucial to find the perfect balance between commanding attention with the design and complementing the brand we’re working with.

Anthem Branding’s merchandise collection for Yoga Pearl stands as a perfect example of this balance, and so we headed over to the studio to see the merch in action. This collection of tees, tanks, and hoodies comes alive in the studio, coordinating with everything from the signage and yoga mats to the bright, uplifting energy that Yoga Pearl has made a mission out of offering.

Our team crafted curated designs that allow the Yoga Pearl brand to shine while subtly coordinating with the energy of the studio, complementing the experience rather than overshadowing it. We really set out to make this merchandise an integrated part of the Yoga Pearl experience.

From chatting with teachers & classmates in the lobby over tea, to the moment your yoga practice is sealed, this collection will enthusiastically come along for the ride, and provide comfort the whole way through. Our partnership with Yoga Pearl is a perfect example of the magic that happens when design meets purpose. We're not just creating merchandise - Anthem Branding carefully crafts an extension of your brand that allows your essence to shine to its maximum potential.

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Yoga Pearl Merchandise Collection