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Our branded merchandise goes beyond being stylish. A quality branded hat is a wearable statement that can help amplify an important cause.

'Arnie 'Skeeter' Castro had a deep passion for golf, often expressing his enthusiasm on the golf course. However, he kept his personal struggle with mental illness to himself. Rather than seeking assistance, he silently endured his battle until the day he realized he couldn't face it alone.

The primary mission of the 'Skeeter' Foundation is to promote suicide prevention awareness and reduce the societal stigma associated with discussing mental health issues. By organizing golf tournaments that incorporate educational and immersive elements, their aim is to foster a community where it's acceptable to acknowledge when one is not feeling okay.

This special 6-panel trucker hat features:

  • Debossed Rubber Patch
  • Screen Printed Underbrim
  • Woven Interior Label
  • Printed Interior Taping
  • Woven Clamp Tag

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The Skeeter Foundation: 6 Panel Trucker Hats